12×15 Heat Press Machine By SHZM (30x38cm)

  • 0- 299︒C Temperature Range
  • 0-999sec Timer Control & Countdown Function

12×15 Heat Press Machine By SHZM (30x38cm)

Desirability 94%
Quality 90%
Durability 97%


5 in 1 heat press 30x38cm by SHZM is a swing away machine the best gadget you can get hands-on for printing colorful images on products of your own choice. There is no limitation on a single type of product that can be printed with this digital heat press machine. It allows you to imprint designs on caps, t-shirts, jigsaw puzzle, mugs, mouse-pads, and many other flat surface products. Using this machine is not a tiresome job as it has been designed smartly for making the printing task a piece of cake for any person, even someone who has little technical knowledge. The big surface of the 12X15 Heat Press allows users to sublimate design on large products with ease.

This 12X15 heat press swing-away machine can become your perfect partner for completing big orders without crossing the deadline. It doesn’t mean that you should only buy this machine for some business, as it is also a useful gadget for people who wish to design their own clothes and accessories. The 2-year warranty of this 5 in 1 heat press confirm its durability; it would surely last long enough for fulfilling your desires to the utmost.

Platen press, mug press, cap press, 5” plate press, and 6” plate press are the five functionalities of this swing away digital heat press machine. This machine lets you change settings according to the nature of the product you’re going to print. The LED controller allows you to set time and temperature before placing your product in this machine. Which makes it a little bit different from other heat press.

The pressure knob of this 12X15 heat press machine can be adjusted according to the product’s thickness, and its multi-spring balancer makes sure to distribute pressure evenly for displaying the best outcomes. As earlier mentioned, you won’t face any difficulties while operating this heat press. The long arm handle of this 5 in 1 swing away a machine is fitted with a rubber grip so that you won’t get tired while using it for hours to complete prolonged projects. Plus, you shouldn’t hesitate or take safety precautions for using this machine as its swing-away design allows the heating element to be rotated 360-degree, which eliminates the risk of the operator touching it accidentally.

12x15 Heat Press Machine by SHZM

This t-shirt, mug printing machine has been designed to give you the best outcome and avoid overexposure of the design on the final product, be it a hat, mug, or shirt. Therefore, it has been integrated with an audible alarm that notifies you as soon as the job is done so that you can take the product out safely without divulging it more to the heat of the machine. You can adjust the time and temperature on the LCD of the machine accurately according to your product’s nature. The digital settings of this machine allow you to eliminate the risk of inaccurate input that can result in damaging your product.

Features of 12X15 Heat Press Machine :

1. Permutable Elements

This machine is for printing images on different products; therefore, the elements of the 12X15 heat press can be changed easily for accurate results. Some heat transfer machines have a single heat plate for printing all types of products. But, the results are quite poor because a hat cannot be printed accurately in a mug plate of the heat press.

2. LED Controller

This is the most significant feature that you must look before buying a heat press machine. This machine allows you to preset the time, which can range from 0 to 999 seconds, and decide temperature, from 0 to 250 degrees Celsius. As the task will be completed, this smart heat transfer machine will inform you of the audible alarm.

3. Large Heat Platen

What is the benefit of a heat press if it can’t print design properly on a big product? You might face this problem with many machines but not with this 5 in 1 digital heat press as its transfer element’s size is 12X15 inches, which is good enough for transferring colorful designs onto large products.

4. Full Range of Heating Coils

Many users are unaware of the reason behind the sticking of design on their products, which doesn’t last for a long time and fades away. This usually happens because the heat press machine you might be using isn’t non-stick or its platen isn’t covered with Teflon. But this machine already features the Teflon coated heating coils that provide consistency to the design throughout.

Pros and Cons


  1. Equipped with a multi-spring balancer that evenly distributes the pressure.
  2. A comfortable grip allows the user to continue the process without getting tired.
  3. It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  4. Allows printing on nylon, chemical fiber, cotton, etc.
  5. The safety assurance is provided with CE certification.


  1. It requires a 1100W wattage to operate smoothly.
  2. It doesn’t turn off automatically, even if heats up.
  3. It’s quite heavy (approx. 24kg) to move freely.

Customers’ Verdict

12X15 heat press by SHZM is the favorite product of most of the customers due to its affordable price. All the customers are amazed by the amazing results of the designs printed with this heat press. The machine comes assembled, which further improves its value in the eyes of buyers. Its durability has satisfied all customers as it has a plastic and metal body and a perfect design.


Are you looking forward to establishing a business of customized products? Then you will surely need a heat press machine, and this 5 in 1 12×15 heat press by SHZM is the best one you can get. This heat press is safe and sound to use for anyone, and it has no complicated steps that can confuse people while operating it.
Our Reviews will hundred percent satisfy you.

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