AONESY Heat Press 12”X15”

  • Latest Heating Technology
  • LCD Control Panel
  • 360 Degrees Rotation
  • Multifunctional Machine

AONESY Heat Press 12”X15”

Desirability 97%
Quality 99%
Durability 98%

Description of AONESY Heat Press 12”X15”

5 in 1 Heat Press 12″ x 15″ by AONESY is a swing-away heat press machine that uses the latest heating technology for printing designs on a variety of products. You won’t face a limitation of imprinting designs on only a single type of product. This AONESY heat press allows you to transfer pictures and characters of sublimating on glass and textile materials, including cotton nylon, chemical fiber, and flax. The swing-away design and advanced technology used in this heat press development make it an easy-to-use machine for everyone, whether you are a professional or a beginner. There’s no need to worry about acquiring skills for operating the AONESY heat press. The big surface of the heat press (12″ x 15″) allows easy imprinting of designs on large-sized products.

If you’re looking for a machine that can offer you comfort in transmitting designs on all products, then this heat press machine is the best available option due to its swing-away design. You can avoid making physical contact to this heat press’s heating element because of its smart-swing away feature. You can safely move the heating plates aside once the heating process is done without getting hurt or burning your skin.

This product is designed as per the latest heating technology. The AONESY heat press has the latest Teflon-coated heating plate that provides safe and secure design transmission on all types of products. While transferring designs on thermal products, the non-stick coated surface of this heat press prevents scorching.

Whether you want to get a heat press for professional or personal use, this machine is a perfect fit. This smart gadget allows you to complete big orders in a short period of time. There’s no need to have multiple machines for printing designs in bulk, as you can get it by using a single machine, like heat press by AONESY. This machine doesn’t require much area, and its handle is easy to operate, which allows you to apply pressure gently.

The 5 in 1 heat press machine lets you transfer designs on a wide variety of flat surfaced objects. You can use this machine to print designs on t-shirts, garments, bags, ceramic tiles, mats, bags, plates, jigsaw puzzles, etc. The only thing required from the user’s is the adjustment of heat and time after placing the product. The machine will perform the rest of the process itself, and you’ll get a perfectly printed product within no time.

Pro-Tip: If you are looking for a machine specifically for t-shirts then Cricut EasyPress will be the best choice for you.


Features of AONESY Heat Press Machine 12" x 15"


  • 5 in 1 Set

The users who purchase this heat press will enjoy many perks. This machine comes will all the required accessories for printing different types of products. The 5 elements that come alongside this machine include a user manual, 1 hat press plate, 1 mug press plate, and 2 plate press plates.


  • LCD Control Panel

You can set the desired temperature and time as per the product’s requirement on the digital liquid control temperature control panel. It’s one of the essential elements that you must look for before deciding to purchase a heat press machine. This machine lets you set the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and it ranges from 0 to 250 degrees Celsius. You can set the time control from 0 to 999 seconds on the same LCD control panel.


  • 360-Degree Swing Away Design

The heating plates of the heat press machine are rotatable in any direction around 360-degrees. The swing-away is extremely useful in heat press machines because the plates can be moved aside without touching the heating plate. This prevents users from getting burnt or injured while printing designs on their products. Due to the swing-away design, you can use this machine without any hesitation and print perfect designs.

aonesy heat press 1

  • Multi-Function Machine

Another feature of the AONESY heat press machine is its capability to imprint designs on a wide range of products. It’s not an ordinary machine that lets you print only t-shirts. You can also use this heat press for printing designs on mugs, hats, ceramic plates, jigsaw puzzles, etc., which are made of cotton, fiber, ceramic, or glass.


Pros and Cons of AONESY Heat Press


  •         You can use this machine without hurting yourself due to its swing-away design that helps you in moving the heating plates in any direction.
  •         This machine has an LCD display monitor that lets you set accurate time and temperature for getting the perfect results on the final product.
  •         The user manual makes it possible for the user to easily install and operate it.
  •         As it’s a 5 in 1 heat press, you can print hats, mugs, plates, tiles, and many other products on the same machine.


  •         You’d need a constant voltage supply of 220V for the machine to work smoothly.
  •         It’s a semi-automated machine that would require intervention from the user to remove the product safely on time without damaging the design.

Customer Verdict

5 in 1 Heat Press Machine AONESY Heat Press 12″ x 15″ by AONESY has become the favorite product of most of its buyers due to the print quality it provides. The customers are in love with this machine as it allows them to fit two plates together and enjoy imprinting designs on multiple products at one time. The Teflon-coated heating plates have been easy for customers to remove and replace. Its durability has also amazed many customers, and they have given it the rank of best heat press machine available in the market.


The AONESY heat press machine is one of the best gadgets you can get for starting up a customized products business. Not only we have many more heat press machines for you that can help to boost your business. The results generated by this machine are exceptional and long-lasting. You can apply even heat and gentle pressure with this machine for the high-quality image transformation on a wide range of products.

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    Reviews of Buyers

  • StarStarStarStarStar04/08/2020
    Varified John Smith

    Awesome Machine!

  • StarStarStarStarStar19/08/2020
    Varified Jenny

    Great machine...I've only used it once so far but the instructions were very easy to understand..I would recommend this product

  • StarStarStarStar02/09/2020
    Varified Shane

    Screen and vinyl printing on materials

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