USCutter Digital Heat Press Machine 15×15-Inch

  • Large Digital LCD Display
  • Stable & Supported by Rigid Steel Frame
  • Arrives Fully Assembled
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 2 T-Shirts & Non-stick Sheet & 5 Sheets Siser Vinyl (Includes)

USCutter Digital Heat Press Machine 15×15-Inch

Desirability 98%
Quality 97%
Durability 97%


Do you need a versatile heat press? USCutter Digital Heat Press Machine can be a good choice for your printing projects.

With this printing machine, you can create custom t-shirts, nonstick sheets and vinyl. USCutter allows you to transfer print on different types of surfaces, fabric, and materials. This machine under 6 in 1 heat press category has a number of features to satisfy even a demanding customer. You can get a huge space to work your t-shirts.

USCutter Heat Press 15×15 Machine is based on the latest printing technology. You can use it to print on a plate, bag, mug, cap, hat, t-shirt. For entrepreneurs, the use of particular equipment and machine is necessary to complete different jobs. If you want to produce bulky products within a short period, you will need this heat press.
For printing t-shirts, we mostly recommend Cricut Easy Press.

With this machine, you can manage your printing business. The digital heat press of USCutter offers convenience and ease for everyone. The heat press features an LCD to control temperature and set time. This versatile heat press can transfer print on different materials like glass, fabric, wood, and metal of different sizes.

USCutter Digital Heat Press

With adjustment knob, it will be easy for you to adjust the pressure according to the thickness of the material. These features make it easy for every user to enjoy a trouble-free heat pressing experience.

Features of USCutter Heat Press

  1. The large LCD display (digital) to preset desired temperature and time
  2. Automatic alarm to indicate precise operations
  3. Versatile heat press to apply the design on flat surfaces
  4. Suitable for glass, ceramic, wood, metal, fabric and other materials
  5. Heat board of high density with the non-stick work surface to avoid scorching
  6. Durable, stable and commercial-grade machine with stiff steel frame
  7. The body is made of aluminum board

1. Premium Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) 5 Color Sheets (15-inch x 1 Yard)

The USCutter heat press includes five colors of a vinyl sheet measuring 15-inch x 36-inch. The vinyl is reflection-free, and it is thin to make any cotton/poly, cotton, or acrylic/polyester garment beautiful. The opaque film is sufficient to conceal the color of the garment. This sheet is durable enough to bear repeated washings without any crack. The environmentally friendly sheets are safe for children and toddlers. This sheet is available in the bundle. It is suitable for children and adult’s garments, uniforms, promotional items, sportswear, etc. Feel free to cut it with a vinyl cutter to get a standard size.

2. Poli-Flex 6 Color Premium Heat Transfer 15-inch x 12-inch Sheets and Vinyl Kit

With a poli-tape vinyl kit, you will get six colors of premium line Poli-Flex. You can get four sheets of random colors and two sheets of white and black colors. You can use it to transfer the special design on your garments and other materials. You will need a vinyl cutter to cut this sheet in the desired size and shape.

3. EasyWeed 5 Sheets Vinyl Heat Transfer

You may get popular colors in sheet, such as Silver, Royal Blue, Red, White, Black, etc. EasyWeed Sister Polyurethane film is suitable to transfer design with heat. You can apply design at a low temperature. It is possible to peel it cold or hot. You have to mound it on a pressure-sensitive carrier. It makes it easy to weed detailed designs and small letters without losing any piece. It is suitable to adhere to 100% cotton, 100% polyester, leather, poly/cotton blends.

4. Cotton T-shirts (White and Black)

The USCutter Digital heat press 15×15-inch comes with two large cotton t-shirts. These shirts are suitable to wear in schools, clubs, teams, and groups across America. These are excellent for heat transfer and printing design. These cotton shirts are great for heat transfer and screen printing.

5. Non-stick Replacement Sheet 16-inch x 20-inch

Nonstick sheets are excellent for heat press and fabric protection for heat transfers. The special nonstick can protect shirts and press while permitting heat to transfer a design successfully. You may use these sheets and heat press for direct plastisol prints with a glossy feel and look. These sheets are available in different sizes. You can get replacement sheets according to the size and style of your heat press.

6. Smart Controls to Transfer Design without Burning

If you want to transfer a design on a t-shirt or other material, it is essential to keep an eye on time and temperature. Overdoing anything can burn your t-shirt or your selected material. With the use of the Us-cutter  Heat Press, you can avoid this situation. The large LCD allows you to adjust time and temperature. Once the work is done, you will hear an alarm. Moreover, a control knob can automatically adjust pressure as per the thickness of the materials.
Our other heat press machines can also fulfill your business need by generating a huge profit.

7. Large Surface to Work

You will get a large surface to work because 15-inch x 15-inch is sufficient to transfer design even on a large t-shirt. With this versatile machine, you can create beautiful designs on unusual items, such as mouse-pad or jigsaw puzzle.

8. Durable Machine

You can use this heat transfer for your business because it is easy to work on different materials. A durable, commercial-grade steel frame makes this machine reliable. The non-stick platens and soft-grip handle are the highlights of this heat press. It can quickly complete design within 10 to 15 minutes.

9. Technical Parameters

These parameters are similar to a high-quality heat press. The machine features a 0 to 999 seconds time range. The temperature may range from 0 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. With 1800 watts and 110 volts, the machine can help you in every printing project.

Pros and Cons


The machine comes with several individual parts. Along with a cutter, you can get the advantage of stored memory. The new settings will be stored in the memory so you can use it as per your convenience. The USCutter has yellow, and blue LED dash panes and manual and automatic configurations.


The machine doesn’t have significant disadvantages. You must know that the software that come with the machine is available for PC only. If you want Mac support, you have to talk to their customer service personnel.

Customers’ Verdict

People are happy with the performance, features, and bundles of this machine. The clamshell-style heat press comes with a 1-year warranty. People find it useful to apply designs on garments of different sizes. This heat press can be a saving and reliable addition for your business.


USCutter digital heat press unit comes in a simple and user-friendly design. With this heat press, you can print designs on different materials. The heat press is suitable for business and personal use. The unit is durable and highly controllable. With its versatility, you can successfully manage different projects. Check out all the heat press reviews of our machines.

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