Garment Clam 4 Heat Press 15×15 Inches Machine

  • 38cmx38cm Flat Heat Press
  • Offer Excellent Image Quality
  • One Year Return to Base (RTB) Warranty
  • Special Silica Gel Mat
  • Digital Time & Temperature Display

Garment Clam 4 Heat Press 15×15 Inches Machine

Desirability 95%
Quality 99%
Durability 98%


Garment Clam 4 Heat Press 15X15 inches is one of the best heat press machines available in the market. You can use it to get any kind of design or graphic imprinted on garments. It has specially designed flat platens that apply just the right amount of heat and pressure on the substrate to get the desired design. These platens are covered with good quality silica gel, which is responsible for evenly distributing pressure while printing.

Garment Clam 4 is basically 8 in 1 heat press is more than just a fabric printing machine.You can definitely use it to print other materials like tote bags, tiles, key-rings, phone covers, mousepads, caps, mugs, coasters, et cetera. The platens are specially designed to imprint designs on any flat sublimation material. The design is made from a special sublimating ink that is first transferred on a sublimating paper and then on the substrate. The design formed this way is long-lasting and durable. Plus, the right amount of heat and pressure also keep the design preserved for an extended period.

Garment Clam 4 Heat Press

Features of Garment Clam 4 Heat Press 15x15

– Heat Press 15X15 inches size (38X38 cm)
– Digital LED display of time and temperature
– Clamshell (EHP) design
– Produces high-quality images on fabrics, keyrings, coasters, mugs, phone covers et cetera
– Light in weight and size
– Excellent quality silica gel mat to transfer pressure evenly on the substrate
– Fixed base plates
– One year return to base warranty
– Operates around 220-250 Volts

1. It Works Manually!

Heat Press 15X15 is a manually operating machine. It cannot be attached to a computer or laptop to get things done automatically. A manual comes along with this heat press that enables the users to understand the complexities and workings of this machine easily fully. It has a safely designed handle with ridges that helps you easily apply force on the platens. Though it’s manual, it works in a completely compelling and durable manner.

2. Digital Time and Temperature Display

This modern heat press displays time and temperature readings digitally. You can manually set them according to your needs. Heat Press 15X15 also allows you to shift temperature ranges from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. Read the manual to get more informed about the degree of temperature you need to set for your substrate. This heat press offers a temperature range from 0-399 centigrade.

3. Warranty

Garment Clam 4 Heat Press comes with one year of Return to Base warranty. In case of any error or inconvenience, you can easily return the machine to the seller. Thus, the company takes full responsibility for any kind of technical fault or damages if they occur within the time frame of one year. However, such issues very rarely arise. Engineers have designed the machine with great care and caution to avoid such instances.

4. Clamshell Design (EHP)

Heat presses come in different kinds of designs. This one has a clamshell design where platens function as clams. These clams can be opened to put the substrate in between. The clams can then be closed manually with the help of the handle provided above the clams. Digital time and pressure control will help you adjust the range of heat and force required to be used for imprinting.

5. Image Quality

Heat Press 15X15 is guaranteed to produce high-quality images on the substrate. The subliming mechanism keeps the image durable and long-lasting.

6. Size and Weight

The dimensions of this heat press are 82 X 40 X 20 centimeters. It weighs around 20 kg. While buying heat presses, most of the users are concerned about the size of the machine. Thus, it is made light in weight and size to consume less space. Garment Clam 4 Heat Press Machine 15X15 inches is best for carrying out both small and large scale commercial projects. You can even use it for personal purposes.

7. Voltage Range

Garment Clam 4 Heat Press has a voltage range of 220-250 V. This is similar to the voltage generally consumed by a flat iron. Thus, usage of this heat press is not an expense in terms of your electricity bills. In addition to this, the heat press comes with both two and three-pin plugs. Tell the customer services the standard plug criteria in your area, and they will send you the plug accordingly

Pros and Cons

By reading the above features, you would already have an idea that Garment Clam 4 Heat Press Machine is your perfect dream come true gadget that you can use either for personal purposes or for starting your very own business.

This machine is so versatile that you can use it for multiple purposes. It allows imprinting on a wide range of substrates. From T-shirts to tiles, this machine is handy for different kinds of businesses. You can also use Garment Clam 4 Heat Press to print advertisements and slogans on different materials.

The machine itself consumes less voltage and is small in size and weight. This way, it doesn’t only carry less space but is also a perfect gadget for small scale businesses. It is easy to use, durable and comes with one year return to base warranty.

Garment Clam 4 Heat Press Machine doesn’t have any significant cons. One drawback can be that this machine works manually and thus you have to do things on your own. It is a versatile machine and requires time to understand it’s working fully.

Customers’ Verdict

Customers have mostly provided positive feedback on Garment Clam 4 Heat Press 15X15 Inches. They are happy with the wide range of substrates allowed by this machine. It comes with an affordable price. It’s light in weight and consumes less space. This makes it an ideal gadget for customers who want to start their small scale businesses.


Garment Clam 4 Heat Press 15 X 15 inches is an excellent gadget to imprint different kinds of designs on materials like fabric, tiles, coasters, mugs, et cetera. It’s highly affordable, light in voltage and consumes less space.

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