6 in 1 Heat Press

These are one step ahead of 5 in 1 Heat Press since they allow one additional and different item that you can use for imprinting. The items allowed by 6 in one heat press machine include T-shirts, bags, caps, mugs, pads, and plates. Don’t hesitate while investing your money on 6 in 1 Heat Press since the possibilities of generating revenue from these are almost endless. You can take your small scale business to a whole new level by introducing this machine at your workplace. In addition to this, it is perfect for small spaced work areas since it is a single machine that can be used for six different functions. In other words, you can save the space of almost five machines by introducing a 6 in one heat press for your business. The most commonly used 6 in 1 Heat Press include Stahls Hotronix heat press and Zeny Pro heat press etcetera. This category contains one of the most reliable and durable heat press machines.

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