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Categories of the Heat Press Machines

Heatpressreview.net is a single website where you will find all the information you need before buying your very own product. We try our best to cover every aspect of all the latest and old heat transfer machine available in the market. To make things easier for our buyers, we have divided our heat transfer printing into four major categories. We have made these categories solely for the convenience of our readers and buyers. We aim at building a good relationship with our readers and buyers by providing them information most simply and understandably. You can also visit all the heat press reviews here.

Our main concern:

These four categories are based on the number of items a machine can print. Our main concern that the readers can have a clear idea about the specifications and features of heat transfer printing. With the help of these categories, you can pick a suitable product for you, depending upon the kinds of items you are dealing with for your business. Apart from commercial purposes, you can also make use of these categories to pick a product for domestic and personal uses. Just like Cricut easy press, it can be used on both industrial and domestic level. Let's have a look at these categories:

Press Machine

T-Shirts & Larger Items

5 in 1
Heat Press

T-Shirts | Mugs | Caps | Mats | Garments

6 in 1
Heat Press

Bags | T-Shirts | Mugs | Caps | Mouse-pads | Plates

8 in 1
Heat Press

Jigsaw Puzzles | Mugs | T-shirts | Caps | Tiles | Plates | Mouse-pads | Banners

How to Choose the Best Heat Press for your Business Need?

You’ll need to make a correct decision and choose the heat press printing machine for your business. The top-notch machine will aid your business growth objective as it will help you imprint your favorite designs on the products and make your name in the market. You can choose the best heat press for your business by looking at the following factors:

Number of items

The size of your business will help you figure out the best heating press machine as per your business need. If you want to imprint several items in a day, then it’s essential to choose a machine that lets you print multiple products in a single run. Here you will find 8 in 1, 6 in 1 and 5 in 1 heat press.

Machine Design

When you look at the sublimation printing machine, you’ll find machines with different types of designs, including clamshell, swing away, auto open, etc. You must choose the machine that you find easy to operate. It will save you the cost of hiring a person who controls and runs the sublimation machine.


How much space do you have in the warehouse for the installation of a heat transfer printing? This factor also impacts your decision on buying the sublimation machine that is suitable for your business. The Heatpressreview.net will indicate the visitors about the size of each sublimation machine.

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Significant Things to Focus on When Buying a Heat Press Machine

Before purchasing a sublimation machine, you can watch out for the following things:

Honest Reviews & Description

You must look for a heat press printing that has received honest reviews and high ratings from the customers. The reviews will help you figure out how that machine has worked out for others and the potential problems you could face with it.


Most importantly, the price is also a primary factor for any product before buying it. So, in the case of the heat transfer machine, one should focus on both the price and quality of the machine. Here, you will find cheap heat press machine with higher quality.


The sublimation machine you’re going to buy should not be a burden on your pocket. The costs must be analyzed well before purchasing the machine as you’ll forecast whether the machine will be profitable for your business or not.


Another essential thing to focus on is how long the machine is going to serve your purpose. Purchasing heat transfer printing is a long-term investment, and you might not afford to buy it again and again. Therefore, durability is an essential factor to look for before buying a heat transfer machine.