Cricut Easy Press Heat Press Machine

  • Advanced Heat Plate Design
  • Compatible with all Infusible Ink Products
  • Precise Temperature Control Up To 400℉

Cricut Easy Press Heat Press Machine

Desirability 96%
Quality 94%
Durability 92%


Who doesn’t like good images or logos on their T-shirts, especially when you have the ability to do it in your very own home? It was made possible when Cricut EasyPress Heat Press was introduced for this purpose. You no longer have to worry about any cold spots because this inexpensive device can take care of all the designs by providing heat accurately in all directions due to the machines amazing construction.

The Cricut Easy Press Heat Press 9’’ x 9’’ is the best solution to print whatever you want on your favorite t-shirt, bags, pillow covers. As the machine is lightweight, it offers excellent portability so you can place it anywhere and you don’t have to be anxious about the quality as well because it is definitely the next big thing in the heat press machines evolution. As it is easy to use in an office or at home, this machine can partner up in all the drawings on your t-shirts.

Cricut Easy Press Heat Press

If you are wondering about the heat transfer, then don’t, because it’s evenly plated heating elements will never let you down. It has a handle on top of it which can be used to lift it and move it away when the required amount of heat and timer are met. The best part about this version of the device is it has a 9’’ x 9’’ size which means you can place any logo smaller or equal to that size wherever you want. It comes with a safety base which is used when the heat press completes its job, so you don’t have to buy any extra stand for it. We have latest heat press machines and their reviews for you.

Features of Cricut Easy Press

  • Safety ensured
    Coming in contact with the heated base or sides is not a matter of concern anymore, because of its safety base. All you have to do is lift it when it’s hot and ready (which roughly takes 60 seconds) to be placed on the item. So, there is no way that your skin will get exposed to the hot base or sides.
  • Easily Portable
    Whenever we think about buying a heat press from the market our very first thought is where are we going to put it? Well, this device is the answer to your question. Its lightweight and marvelous design make it easier to change its location anytime you desire.
  • Auto Shut Off
    We all want devices which we don’t need to turn off especially if we forget to. This device turns itself off if not used for ten minutes making it an absolute a must have a heat press for all the t-shirt design lovers.
  • Uniform Temperature
    The temperature is a matter of concern for every heat press owner, what if the heat press machine doesn’t deliver the exact temperature? Its ceramic coated heat plate will take of that concern for you with a digital meter which notifies about the temperature in Fahrenheit, and this device can provide heat up to 350 Fahrenheit or (180 degree Celsius).
  • Easy to use
    Once the temperature and pressure are set, and the device is heated up, all you have to do is take it out of its safety base and thrust it on to the vinyl, once you hear the beeping sound it means the device has completed the job, no doubt why it is called the Cricut Easy Press.
  • Adjustable Timer
    The most remarkable feature is a timer which can be set according to the Quick reference chart that comes with the box. If you are not aware of the right temperature for your fabric, then let the quick reference chart be your guide

Pros and Cons


  1. It is easily portable because of its small and neat design.
  2. Quality is ensured, your drawings are definitely going to survive many washing sessions.
  3. Doesn’t take time in heating up.
  4. Comes with a digital LCD that helps to adjust the timer and temperature.


  1. It requires thrusting from the user on to the item because it is lightweight.
  2. It doesn’t come with a pressing mat as most of the devices come with.
  3. Smaller size than most of the sublimation press machines out there.
  4. Most of the inexpensive devices support temperature up to 400 Fahrenheit, but it doesn’t.

Customers’ Verdict

Customers love this machine because of its portability and easy to use features because its outcome is better than an iron. Customers highly agree with its safety and stable temperature being spread equally in all directions. Does require a little muscle effort but it is worth it, and it isn’t big enough for larger designs for which you have to move it around on the shirt for a specific time to get it done.


No doubt it requires a little bit of muscle work, but the quality is outclassed according to customer reviews. Therefore, it is suggested to all people who like to draw designs on their shirts and have been going to the market to get the job done. People have been trying to transfer images to the shirt with the help of iron and have destroyed their t-shirts. Cricut Easy Press affordable heat press offers more than its name; it gives a professional level performance. The heated lower part of the easy press will never touch the ground or the stand because of its safety base. Some people might find its warm-up time of 60 seconds a tad bit bothersome. These type of heat machines cannot be used for long term projects because you cannot meet the time limit. This heat press machine is for people who want to learn what heat press is or want to add logos of their team or company to employees’ t-shirts.Heat Press machines can also help you for your business growth.

This amazing Cricut Easy Press will surprise you with quality and its inexpensiveness. You cannot certainly use it for projects, but its durability and safety allows everyone to use it at home or office without getting in too many complications. A detailed user manual is the best for this purpose which comes along, so no need to think or search on how to use this magnificent sublimation heat press.

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