Geo Knight Heat Press DK20S 16″X20″ Inch

  • Swing-Away Heat Press
  • Industrial Grade Pressing Framework
  • Jumbo Sized 20x25 Heat Platen Version
  • FREE LIFETIME Tech Support

Geo Knight Heat Press DK20S 16″X20″ Inch

Desirability 98%
Quality 93%
Durability 92%


The DK20S 16″x20″ digital heat press of Geo Knight comes with plenty of productive features. This durable machine is suitable for personal as well as business heat transfer operations.

With the best digital swinger, the machine allows you to transfer your favorite designs conveniently. You can buy this heat press at an average price. Durable construction and user-friendly features make it one of the most popular machines. If you are interested in entering in heat press printing industry, the Geo Knight Heat Press can be an ideal companion for you.

Whether you want to start your heat printing business or need an upgraded machine for current business, Geo Knight Heat Press DK20S can help you to get a competitive edge. From basic elements like pressure, temperature and press type to advanced custom platens, this heat press has everything to satisfy customers.
We have made an huge effort to provide our customer the best heat press machines with best features.

Geo Knight Heat Press Machine Specs

The framework of Geo Knight DK20S Heat Press features advanced functionality and digital interface. The steel design makes it ultra-durable. The interchangeability of the table allows you to change and replace tables as per your needs quickly. You can print design on both sides. This heat press has excellent potential for beginners.

Before purchasing a heat press machine, you have to consider your printing style. If you want to transfer designs on different materials, you will need a versatile Geo Knight Heat Press. This Heat Press is a swing-away unit that combines a durable, industrial-grade steel framework with user-friendly electronics. Anyone can operate this heat press without any trouble. The unit is equipped with the best possible features that are necessary for modern heat transfer jobs. The popular 16×20 heat unit features a wing away design and jumbo-sized heat platen (20×25). You will get sufficient place to work on t-shirts and other materials.

This is custom heading element

  • Digital controls for temperature 30°F to 600°F range
  • Automatic Timer
  • Digital height gauge and pressure
  • 70 programmable presets
  • Steel welded solid framework
  • Heat press comes with a 1-year warranty for parts, 3-year warranty for controller and 5-year warranty for frame
  • Accommodates almost 2-inch thick material
  • Supercoil and Microwinding heater technology
  • ¾-inch Teflon coated heat platen

1. Bottom Heat Platens

Geo Knight Heat Press features bottom heat platens. These are good for products with dual sides, such as holiday ornaments, bag tags, lanyard badges, car flags, etc. Every platen depends on the fully independent boxes of digital control and heater technology (SuperCoil-Microwinding). You can adjust this heat press as per your needs.

2. Swing-Away Design

The Geo Knight heat press unit features a high-tech control system and durable robust framework with steel welding. The machine comes with a lifetime warranty on heat platens and 3-year warranty for heat-control electronic elements. Make sure to choose a suitable place for this heat press. A narrow space can’t support its swing movements.

3. SuperCoil-Microwinding Technology

The heat platens use particular heater technology called SuperCoil-Microwinding. It is a secure system of entrenched heater windings. This system wind heaters closely and tightly throughout the whole platen for even heat, quick heat ups and fast recovery.

4. Over-sized LCD Display

The controller uses an oversized-digit easy to read LCD for temperature and time simultaneously. The temperature readout can be accurate within +/-2°. The controller features a digital gauge for pressure and heat. The indicator displays the current settings of height.

5. Programmable Presets

The operator of Geo Knight Heat Press DK20S 16″x20″ can get the advantage of 70 presets (programmable) to save common settings of pressure, time and temperature. Accurate reading will ensure consistent and repeatable results of all applications. With its exceptional quality, the final results will not disappoint you.

6. Adjustable to Materials

The heat press allows you to accommodate materials of different thickness. The DK20S combine industrial-grade solid steel framework with simple electronics. It is easy to operate its features to prepare different products. The manufacturer provides you with free technical support for a lifetime. You can find hi-tech proprietary heat control, and digital microprocessor control tested afar 10 million heating cycles.

7. High-quality Products

Geo Knight Heat Press is an old brand that entered in the die-casting and press industry in the 1880s. These machines are designed to transfer design with the heat on labels, plates, hats, mugs, and garments. The company introduces seven high-quality models of the heat press. With 16-inch x 20-inch swing-away design, you can get sufficient space to transfer design on a t-shirt. The 200 lbs. heat press features 120V, 15A and 1800W.

Pros and Cons


The Geo Knight Heat Press comes with oversized LCD, so you can conveniently read temperature, height and pressure gauge and temperature readings. The controller features an array of useful qualities, such as prepress timer and automatic digital timer, programmable presets and pressure bar graph, etc. The selectable alarm and temperature drop-sense alarm make it easy to use accurate temperature and pressure on t-shirts and other materials.

The user-friendly interface and intuitive control make it easy to work in a reject-free environment. The non-stick platens feature SuperCoil-Microwinding heater technology. With this technology, the Geo Knight Heat Press can outperform everything. The heat platens have a lifetime warranty.


This heat press doesn’t have significant drawbacks. Customers may find it cumbersome to move. The machine doesn’t support printing on different materials. This heat press unit needs a decent space on a tabletop or counter to accommodate swing radius. You can’t put it in corners because these locations can obstruct the ability to swing this unit.

Customers’ Verdict

Customers are satisfied with the features and quality of Geo Knight  Heat Press. With particular heater technology, you can securely transfer design without burning your t-shirt. Feel free to use it for your business or personal needs. Non-stick coated heat pan is ¼-inch thick to move a design securely.


Geo Knight  Heat Press can be an excellent option for people who want a unit for their basic heat press requirements. With this machine, you can make hoodies, jerseys, team uniforms, and T-shirts with a custom design.

This user-friendly machine is simple and convenient for everyone. The heat press unit of Geo Knight can be a good choice for beginners. It doesn’t have complicated features or programming options. This machine helps beginners to have an overwhelming experience. We write our reviews based on real quality of machines.

Some users may find it expensive to buy Geo Knight Heat Press Machine. For your new business or personal use, this machine can be an excellent investment. The unit comes with almost 70 digital presets. It will be easy for you to choose suitable pressure, height and temperature to successfully transfer each design.

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