HikeGeek 5 In 1 Heat Press Machine 12X15-Inch

  • Five Elements: Platen Press (Telfon-Coated)
  • Power: 900W, Temperature range 32 - 480 Fahrenheit
  • Full 360-Degree Rotation
  • Pressure Adjustable

HikeGeek 5 In 1 Heat Press Machine 12X15-Inch

Desirability 98%
Quality 99%
Durability 99%


Hikegeek Heat Press 5 in 1 comes with a size of 12’’x15’’ a suitable size for all T-shirts. People are asking for this heat press machine because it isn’t too expensive for a small business. Although its swing away style occupies a little more space than a clamshell does, but it can heat press on mugs, plates, T-shirts and a lot more than an expensive clamshell style heat press.

This heat press machine comes with five elements platen press, Mug press, Plate press of two sizes, Cap press, and three heat press transfer sheets. What else do you need to start a business? A small place to set this machine up, its swing-away style, and two handles on top will not let you come any near to the heated platen. It is recommended for beginners as well because it is inexpensive and contains everything you need for heat press purposes.
We used to bring the latest heat press machine for you.

HikeGeek Heat Press Machine

The temperature can reach up to 480 Fahrenheit which is almost 250-degree centigrade and the timer can be set up to 999 seconds. If you want to use it for transferring heat on T-shirts, then twenty to thirty seconds are enough, but that depends on the fabric and the colors. Its swing-away design allows you to rotate the heating element so that you can place your item in a perfect position for heat press. Pressure can be adjusted according to needs on a digital screen so no there is no way of entering the wrong amount of pressure. It does require a little more power than standard heat press machines, but its quality transferred heat won’t let the image to peel off anytime soon.

Features of HikeGeek Heat Press

  • Amazing design
    It’s a swing-away design with a rotation of 360 degrees won’t let any heat fall on your hands while placing the item. There is a chance of touching the heating element in the clamshell-style but swing away takes that fear away. You can set your items evenly and freely, but in clamshell, it requires more attention because you can’t do it fearlessly.
  • More uses
    HikeGeek heat press allows you to transfer the heat on T-shirts, Mugs, Plates of two different sizes, ceramic tiles, and plates, cotton, and fiber. You can use any image on these items, and if you want to make someone feel special try adding an image that your loved one likes to a t-shirt or a present. You can transfer letters, pictures of all sorts, and much more with this heat press.
  • Extras
    This heat press comes with all the necessary items for a mug, cup, and plate press. It includes a Teflon coated 12’’ x 15’’ platen press, a 6’’ x 3’’ cap press which can be used for hats as well, a 3’’ x 3.5’’ mug press, a 5’’ and 6’’ plate press, and three sheets for transferring heat. The heat press machine occasionally offers so much in a small amount, so it is up to you if you want to take the deal.
  • Anti-sticking
    What makes this heat press machine more impressive is the anti-sticking layer, its work table has elastic foam silicone. This machine can be used for heat transfer vinyl as well, and because of its anti-sticking platen, you don’t have to worry about the extra transfer of heat because it won’t harm your item or the heat press machine.
  • Safety assured
    There is absolutely no way of touching the heated element while placing your article, it has a thick heating board and two handles on top to move the upper platen away and also because it has an aluminum heating plate, this machine is built to last long. So, if you have a long-term project, then this machine can do much more than that for you.

Pros and Cons


  • HikeGeek’s style is what makes it unique; a digital screen and its thick base make it more reliable than other heat press machines.
  • Its swing style will never let you come close to the heated platen so you can use this machine carefree.
  • Comes with elements used for transferring heat to mug plates and caps which is rare in this price range.


  • Requires a little more power than other heat press machines.
  • Occupies more space than clamshell-style, which can be managed because transferring heat safely is our first priority.
  • The size 12’’ x 15’’ might be a concern to move large images on to T-shirts.

Customers’ Verdict

All the people who have purchased this product have liked it and ignored the cons because they say they have got everything they need in this heat press machine at a reasonable price. They are highly satisfied with their production.

People who want to start a new business can consider this heating press machine an option because it is made with quality material which makes it reliable and long-lasting. Also, it is suggested to beginners because operating this machine is not complicated at all and you can check for a user manual in the box or search for how to manage it online if it is hard to understand.


With all said you know what HikeGeek Heat Press machine can do for you because we know most of it is good and the cons aren’t much of distress. This machine is highly suitable for long term projects, and you can efficiently produce up to fifty shirts in an hour if you are a professional. It also doesn’t take much time to learn about its controls, so you don’t have to worry about hiring newbies for the job.

This machine has more to offer than any other expensive heat press machine. Its pressure can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material with an adjustment knob on its top. If you think managing, detaching, and adding the other elements is a tough task then no, all you need is a screwdriver, and you can change heating elements in no time.

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