Hotronix Fusion Heat Press Machine 16×20-inch

  • Exclusive Auto-Adjust Pressure
  • Auto Open, Auto Swing Design
  • Foot Pedal Reduces Fatigue
  • UPGRADED Fusion IQ Control Board

Hotronix Fusion Heat Press Machine 16×20-inch

Desirability 100%
Quality 100%
Durability 100%


This is where the revolution begins, Hotronix Fusion Heat Press a perfect machine for professional use. This heat press machine is known for its high quality and extreme durability. It has all the functions a professional would need, starting from a touch screen to multiple time settings. No need for pillows or pads anymore this machine has a swing away style and its EZ-on platen. This machine is highly suggested to professionals or people in good business because it is quite expensive than a standard heat press machine.

Hotronix Fusion Heat Press 16’’x20’’ has the size that can fit all the T-shirts, pillows, mats, covers, etc. This is a machine for professional use, so beginners don’t go for this option, or if you have enough money and want to start a business with high quality machines, then this is where you stop and buy. This heat press comes with all the features a sublimation heat press machine must have. Starting from a sleek design and high-quality components to a lifetime heating element warranty. So, no need to think about the device getting into any mechanical trouble.


Hotronix Fusion Heat Press Machine Machine review

You can produce up to fifty designs or maybe more depending on how fast you or your employees work. It is the best machine out there for long term projects and who can support materials up to 5/8 inches thick. So, no matter what you throw at it, this powerful machine will heat press your item in no time. There are machines with less cost out there, but they don’t have the durability like this machine and also it is far less complicated to understand than others. With a touch screen you can easily control temperature and pressure also it records the number of pressing cycles.
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Features of Hotronix Fusion Heat Press

  • Attractive Composition
    Heat press machines come in various qualities and designs, which makes this machine attractive is its construction. It has a unique cast aluminum frame, which means it is not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Reliable components
    All the components of this heat press machine are stable and reliable, and you can use them without worrying about affecting the quality of its hardware. The cast aluminum frame is quite robust and stronger than hollow one which is also called extruded. Its cast aluminum is never going to bend so use it heat it earn it.
  • Easy to use
    Heat press machines are not easy to understand. Either they come without a user manual or sometimes with a complicated one. Which is why people have to search online to understand it in a better way. Hotronix Fusion comes with a guide easy to understand, and professionals should operate this machine.
  • Warranty of hardware
    Most of the sublimation printing heat press machines come without a warranty but what here you will be getting warranties of all the equipment. The company gives a five-year warranty on its major components, two years warranty on circuit board and a year warranty on small parts. So, use this heat press without worrying about breaking its components unless you want to wreck them.
  • History of cycles
    Heat press machines never save how many pressing cycles have you completed in one day, but this one does. Now, you don’t need to count how many pressing cycles you have done because Hotronix fusion will do it for you. It can store all the standardly used applications for time, temperature and with multiple time settings, you won’t need to reset the time and set it again to run another item.
  • Saves Energy
    Everyone wants to save power as much as they can, but with low quality heat press machines, it is not possible especially if you forget to turn it off. Hotronix will turn to sleep mode for four hours if not used, or you want to save energy which means you can wake it up any time you want. This machine doesn’t need any sort of assembling, just take it out of the package, plug it in, and its ready to be used.

Pros and Cons


You can be efficient with your work and produce more results in a small amount of time because EZ on plates which is one of the typical advantages. The work of ten employees can be completed by seven almost a difference of more than thirty percent.

Warranties are something we should care about because not all the products come with them. The price you are paying sure is more than you will pay for an average product, but this machine ensures quality and durability without any doubt.

Comes with a great size you can use it for almost the most significant proportion of a design on a t-shirt. The usual heat press machine comes with a capacity of 12’’x10,’’ but this exceeds the limits by giving you a space of 16’’x20’’ which is enough for any T-shirt.

Doesn’t consume a lot of power, and sleeps for four hours if not used which allows saving a lot of energy and with a touch screen it gets easier to reach the menus and option you couldn’t get on a typical digital one.


Its price is a little more than an average one, but it gives output more than the mentioned price.

You cannot use items more than 5/8 inch thick, but why go for such thick pieces when you don’t need to especially if you are working on t-shirts, mats or something similar?

There are not many disadvantages we can find in this machine so let us know if you do which we highly doubt.


After going through thick and thins of this Hotronix Fusion Heat Press machine, there is no way it will let you down. It should be in every heat press industry because of the quality it produces and the durability its components have. As you know, it has cast aluminum frame this alone is enough to tell us that product is highly durable and reliable. This Draw motion heat press machine has a production cycle counter, so you don’t have to count how many production cycles have your product been through.

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