Mophorn Heat Press Machine 12X15-Inch

  • More Working Capacity
  • Flexible Cutting
  • Emergency Stop/Start Function
  • System: Pentium Processor-Based PC

Mophorn Heat Press Machine 12X15-Inch

Desirability 96%
Quality 98%
Durability 98%


Whether you are a hobbyist or need an update for your business, the Mophorn is always there for you. The latest model of Mophorn Heat Press is an inexpensive machine with 12 x 15 surface.

With this durable heat press, you can create beautiful products for your business without decreasing their quality. A newbie in the printing industry can kick-start with this heat press. Mophorn 8 in 1 Heat Press will not disappoint you with its performance.

Mophorn Heat Press introduces 8 in 1 digital multi-function machine for jigsaw puzzles, fabrics, lettering, caps, ceramic tiles, ceramic plates, mouse pads, coasters, mugs, and T-shirts. The all-in-one heat press features an extra-large heating platen (measuring 12” x 15”). This surface area is sufficient for all your printing needs. The Morphorn heat press can surprise you with its performance.
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Mophorn heat press parts

The 8-in-1 machine comes with extra attachments to print on any item or surface that is impossible with standard heat press machines. The accessories include 2 plate presses, 4 mug presses, and 1 hat press. If you are thinking to print items other than t-shirts, this machine can be a great choice for you. For faster printing and better quality, Mophorn 8-in-1 machine has the upper hand.

Features of Mophorn Heat Press

  1. 900W power and 32 to 480°F temperature range
  2. Swing arm features a 360-degree rotation
  3. Modifiable multi-spring balancer
  4. All-in-one heat press for multiple items
  5. Heat press features Teflon-coated elements

1. Cheaper Machine to Print

Mophorn 8-in-1 heat press is a versatile printing machine. With this machine, you can manage bulk orders to print different items. The machine allows you to print eight elements, such as Teflon-coated platen press, cap/hat press, mug press, and plate press. Instead of purchasing different machines, you can print different stuff with this model.

2. Intelligent Controls

The intelligent temperature and time control system is an essential factor to define its excellent performance. With this system, you can conveniently set the right time and temperature for given material for high-quality transfer.

3. Durable Machine

The Morphons heat press comes fully assembled. Once it is delivered to your location, you can start using it. With its scratch resistance, fully welded and robust steel framework, you can use this machine for a longer duration.

4. Swing-away Design

Swing-away design supports 360-degree rotation. The swing arm makes it easy to move aside heating elements safely while decreasing the probability of accidental contact. With this feature, it is easy to transfer layout, unload, and load needed material. This model has faced down heat platen to press design on each material evenly.

5. Use-Friendly Adjustment Knobs

This heat press machine comes with a full-range adjustment knob for pressure. With this knob, it is easy to adjust the thickness of the material. A screwdriver allows you to exchange different elements of the machine. The heat press features detachable cotton pad and silicone pad. With a built-in fuse, this press is safe for everyone.

Pros and Cons


The 8-in-1 heat press Mophorn design comes with a removable lower platform and bold handle for easy handling. This versatile heat press features full rotating 360-degree swing-away design. With a heavy-duty, commercial-grade and long-lasting design, you can print designs on different materials. This heat press is versatile for work and home environment.

The machine comes with 2 to 3 years of warranty. Mophorn heat press is equipped with LCD and smart controls for the convenience of users. With adjustable pressure, you can choose suitable pressure for each material to prevent burning. The large surface area allows you to transfer your special artwork to flat surfaces. You will get superior printing quality with this heat press. In short, Mophorn heat press 8-in-1 can be an ideal choice for your graphic design business.


This heat press doesn’t has a substantial disadvantage. Mophorn heat press lacks sample products for printing. The seasoned businessmen may not find actual products for printing, such as hats, shirts, and cups.

Customers’ Verdict

As per customers, this heat press offers maximum value to their business. If you have a limited budget or need an all-rounder for your business, you are recommended to buy Mophorn Heat Press. Unlike other machines, it features swing-away design, user-friendly adjustment knobs, LCD and smart controls. This durable heat press can be a good solution for small businesses or hobbyists.


Overall, the unit can be an attractive purchase for you. The Mophorn Heat Press introduces an excellent machine for businesses with a limited budget. The long-lasting and durable machine allows you to create an abundance of products without any compromise over quality. The heavy-duty, commercial-grade, and long-lasting heat press is versatile to use in work or home environment. The machine features a striking theme and has necessary attachments for caps, mugs, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads, and t-shirts. Mophorn 8-in-1 heat press can transfer colorful characters and pictures of dissolved and sublimation ink on textiles, glasses, and ceramic. You can print designs on nylon, chemical fiber, flax, and cotton. We have more reviews to provide you better guidelines.

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