Power Press Industrial Quality Heat Press Machine 15×15-inch

  • Silicon Gel Base Board
  • Replaceable Fuse
  • Pressure Adjustable
  • LCD Control Board
  • Teflon Coated Heating Plate

Power Press Industrial Quality Heat Press Machine 15×15-inch

Desirability 98%
Quality 99%
Durability 99%


The industrial-quality Power Press Heat Press 15-by-15-inch is one of the best heat press machines on the market. With its functionality and reliability, it can take your business to a new level. You will get outstanding results with every use.

This machine excels in versatility because a single machine can handle a variety of materials. With large working space, it is easy to work on sweatpants, t-shirts and other large items. This heat press is equally good for personal and commercial use.

Without a versatile heat press machine, your future is unobvious in the printing industry. For the consistent success of your printing business, you will need a special machine like PowerPress Industrial-Quality HPM-1515-BK Digital Sublimation Heat Press.

Heat press becomes a household name for its unique features. Power Press Heat Press -1515-BK comes with some improvements that are not available in previous models. This model allows you to take advantage of better performance and enhanced printing experience.
For t-shirts our recommendation will be Cricut EasyPress.

The digitally controlled time and heat functions enable you to present the accurate settings. With smart controls, you can accurately transfer design on t-shirts and other materials. Besides, precise time and heat settings may prevent your clothes from burning. For the protection of your garments, you are not recommended to increase transfer duration.

PowerPress Heat Press Machine review

The base of heat press has a silica gel base to enhance the stability of this unit. The gel ensures to manage steady functions while working on the fabrics. The machine has an upward design to take less space in your office or home. The machine offers an extra-large 15-by-15-inch working space.

Features of Power Press Heat Press

  1. Safety control individual chip
  2. 15-inch x 15-inch heat plate
  3. The heating plate is Teflon coated
  4. Replaceable fuse avoids machine overheating
  5. A convenient LCD control board
  6. Temperature ranges from 0 to 750°F and Time ranges from 0 to 999s
  7. Heat press supports 1800W power and 110V voltage

1. Pressure, Time and Heat Adjustment

A pressure adjustment knob enables you to manage pressure. You have to turn the knob clockwise to increase the pressure on the panel. To set the desired pressure, you can try this knob for a few times. With smart controls, you can set time and temperature. Before using this heat press, you have to wait to achieve the target temperature.

Once you get the desired temperature, you can start transferring. Put your shirt with an image on the lowest platen and wait for the automatic timer. Once it buzzes, open the handle to finish your work. It allows you to design fantastic shirts.

2. Teflon Coated Surface

The machine features a Teflon coated surface. With non-stick properties, the material supports smooth operations. The surface decreases friction and may achieve low coefficients of friction. This surface is easy to manage and clean.

3. Patented Chip to Monitor Temperature

For the protection of this machine from shock, the heat press has patented chip to monitor temperature. This chip can regulate current and voltage.

4. Versatility and Size

The heat press works on fabrics, canvas, glass, metal, and other materials. With the versatility of heat transferring tool, you can produce several products. The 15-inch x 15-inch heating plate provides you with a large working area. It is ideal for any design and T-shirt busies.

5. Digital Controls

It is easy to manage full control over settings of your heat press with an LCD control board. The temperature and time of heat press can be adjusted accurately. The Power Press Heat Press comes with 0 to 750°F temperature and 0 to 999 seconds timer speed. It allows you to heat things quickly.

6. Safe Wire for Fire Protection

Power Press Heat Press Machine comes with a safety wire to decrease the chances of damage. The never on-fired material is good for your protection from dangers. While using this machine, you will not experience any short circuit. The replaceable fuse ensures your safety.

The Teflon coating protects the surface from scratches and damages. The durability, appearance, adjustability, and material make it an ideal heat press for your printing business.

Pros and Cons


The PowerPress Industrial Quality Heat Press is easy to use and maintain. You can operate it conveniently without any trouble. The non-stick surface is large enough to manage every project. The heat press comes with a protective heat sheet. With 15-inch x 15-inch, this durable heat press offers sufficient space for your projects.


The heat press can be a little weighty, so lack of portability can be an issue. Otherwise, the machine doesn’t have a potential disadvantage.

Customers’ Verdict

The PowerPress Industrial quality heat press machine has positive feedback. Customers are satisfied with its performance. With safe wire, this heat press is free from the risk of danger. The digitally controlled functions make it easy for you to adjust pressure, heat, and temperature. Some users complain about its weight, but it is not a huge problem.


For a business, the Power Press Industrial-Quality HPM-1515-BK Digital Sublimation Heat Press has lots of exciting features. You can transfer a design safely to any material without burning it. We always use to inform our customers the accuracy of our reviews.

With this heat press, you can work on different projects comfortably. The machine can transfer designs to jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, mouse mats, bags, and ID badges. For long-term success of your business, Power Press Industrial-Quality HPM-1515-BK can be a suitable heat press.

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