T-Shirt Mug Printing Heat Press Machine 30X24CM by ZEYI

  • Improvement Over Clamshell Designs
  • Full 360-Degree Rotation
  • Preset Desired Time Alarm
  • Set The Desired Temperature

T-Shirt Mug Printing Heat Press Machine 30X24CM by ZEYI

Desirability 97%
Quality 95%
Durability 100%


30x24cm t-shirt mug hat plate cap heat press transfer machine is designed by ZEYI for making custom mouse pads, license plates, t-shirts, and other items. This 5 in 1 heat press machine prints not only on fabric, but the machine enables you to transfer designs to metal, wood, glass and ceramic with the least risk. This heat transfer machine comes with a swing arm that has full 360-degree rotation, which enables you to move the heating plate safely and minimize any chances of accidental contact. The temperature is adjustable in Fahrenheit according to the product’s requirement, and the machine stops heating as early as the set temperature is reached.

This 5 in 1 heat press transfer machine is one of the best options for entrepreneurs who are willing to enter the market of customized products. Buying this machine is an excellent form of capital investment as it has long durability, and it covers a vast product range for printing images or designs best for business. The best feature of this heat press is its quality, as you would never find such a remarkable imprinted design with any other 30×24 cm machine.

This heat press by ZEYI has a swing arm that allows the heating component to rotate 360. Many people are reluctant to use heat press machines themselves due to the fear of getting burned. But, this heat press allows you comfortable and secured operation as the heating plate can be moved aside in any direction as soon as the design is printed.

T-Shirt Mug Printing Heat Press


This t-shirt, mug printing machine has been designed to give you the best outcome and avoid overexposure of the design on the final product, be it a hat, mug, or shirt. Therefore, it has been integrated with an audible alarm that notifies you as soon as the job is done so that you can take the product out safely without divulging it more to the heat of the machine. You can adjust the time and temperature on the LCD of the machine accurately according to your product’s nature. The digital settings of this machine allow you to eliminate the risk of inaccurate input that can result in damaging your product.

Features of T-Shirt Mug Printing Machine

1. Wide Range

Buying a separate machine for each product is an expensive thing. Plus, operating several machines can be a hectic task. But this machine allows you to overcome this problem, as it can print designs on cotton, fiber, metal, glass, and ceramic products that can make things easier for you.

2. Accurate Adjustment

While transferring the design on any product with the heat press, the things that matter most are temperature, time, and pressure. This machine allows you to adjust all of them properly. There is a pressure knob on this machine that can be increased or decreased, depending upon the thickness of the material. Plus, the digital timer allows you to change the time and temperature settings.

3. Non-stick heating element

Many heat transfer machines don’t come up with this compatibility, and they require the usage of Teflon sheets to avoid damages on design. But this 30X24CM heat press machine’s heating element is already coated with Teflon that prevents your product from scorching heat and assists in giving intact results.

4. Durable Design

Nobody wishes to keep on investing in equipment every month or so. This product is designed with steel that assures its durability to be long enough to cover the costs and make massive profits.

Pros and Cons


  1. The machine comes already assembled, which makes you all set to start working as soon as it arrives.
  2. The Teflon is coated on elements that leave no worries for the operator to install Teflon for imprinting designs.
  3. This heat press machine comes up with a 2-year warranty that assures no additional funding required for at least two years.
  4. Better than clamshell designs that eliminate the risk of accidents.
  5. Comparatively much less weight (17kg) than other heat press machines.


  1. Size can be a possible limitation as it is 12” X 10” (30X24CM).
  2. The temperature can only be adjusted in Fahrenheit.
  3. It works with a minimal 220V voltage.

Customers’ Verdict

All of the buyers are delighted with this 30X24CM heat press transfer machine as it comes with a 2-year warranty. The customers stated that this is one of the machines that are quite easy to use without acquiring any special operational skills. The quality and durability of the product design have been admired by most users as they have faced no inaccuracies in the final product. Smooth operations and fast outcomes have allowed customers to meet short deadlines.


The 5 in 1 heat press machine has gained much popularity in the market due to its exceptional features and affordable price. The best way to make your business successful is by taking participation in transferring your creative ideas on products, and this heat press makes the thing quite easier for you to achieve this objective. The quality and durability of this machine have earned a significant position in the eyes of customers.

We have all the heat press reviews in one place for you.

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