Zeny Pro Heat Press Machine 12X15-Inch Swing Away

  • Selectable Fahrenheit & Celsius
  • 4/5" Thick Heating Board
  • Built-in Structural Support to Maintain Flatness
  • Upgraded Aluminium Alloy Cradle

Zeny Pro Heat Press Machine 12X15-Inch Swing Away

Desirability 88%
Quality 95%
Durability 93%


Looking for an upgrade? Zeny Pro Heat Press Machine contains everything you are searching for. This swing-away sublimation machine will bring your business to a whole new level. The quality is outstanding because of the adjustable multi-spring balancer the heat is distributed equally in all directions. As you know, there are expensive machines that only transfer heat to fabrics, but this inexpensive one can take care of imprinting on mugs and caps as well.

This machine is not just an upgrade with low cost, but also it doesn’t compromise on quality. It is essential to know what you are stepping into. The Zeny Pro 6 in 1 heat press contains a hat press, mug press, plate press, silicone pad, cotton pad, and a manual. This machine will give you what you couldn’t find in any cheap machine, better quality, and more reliability. What you need is a machine that can keep you updated about the temperature and pressure digitally, as this device has a dual Digital LED temperature controller you can adjust the time and temperature in no time.

Zeny Pro Heat Press Machine Parts

The swing-away 12’’ x 15’’ heat press is a size made for all types of t-shirts, you can use this machine for imprinting on T-shirts and uniforms for your employees or the people. This machine can be used for a long-term project as well so no need to worry about the hardware limit. Zeny Pro heat press has a swing-away transfer with two handles on the upper platen which will not allow your skin to come in contact with the heat making completely safe. The platen is movable with a 360-degree rotation so that you can place your item on the platen equally in all directions.

Features of Zeny Pro Heat Press

1. Components

Zeny Pro 12’’ x 15’’ offers a quality you cannot ignore without noticing. Every hardware is made for tough and long-lasting purposes. You can use the machine for a long period of time without giving it a little rest, but we know it is important to shut down electronic devices for a while.

2. Digitalized

If you think this device will not prove its worth, then you are wrong. It has two digital meters to keep you notified about the current heat and pressure which is adjustable according to your fabric or any other item. If you aren’t aware of the required temperatures already then, no problem, it contains a user manual to guide you thoroughly.

3. Sizes

This machine comes in two different sizes, one is 12’’x15,’’ and the other is 12’’x10’’ the smaller version doesn’t include the combo and is way cheaper. It can be used for small business purposes and people who want to gain experience in this field can buy this inexpensive size. It can also be used for practice purposes but make sure to read the manual that comes with this machine first.

4. More to offer

You can print more than just T-shirts, so if you are up for long-term small business, then this heat press machine can be your rags to riches. It contains all the necessary equipment used for transferring heat to mugs, caps, doormats, garments, clothes.

5. Design

The most important thing to look at before buying a heat press machine is the design. This is to see if the device you are purchasing will fit in where you are planning to put it, or if you have enough space, then it isn’t a problem at all. It has an upgraded aluminum alloy cradle that will take care of the allocation of heat in all directions.

Every heat press machine has some flaws and some benefits. It is really important to look into these before buying one. The reason is, what if the device doesn’t have what you are looking for? Beginners although just demand for the quality they don’t look for long term projects, either they do it to learn how a heat press works, or they wish to enter the world of business. Heat press machines are inexpensive which is why it is a good start for small businesses especially if you HTV.

Pros and Cons


  1. The price is quite reasonable for a device like this which has the ability to heat press mugs, caps, and doormats.
  2. A 6 in 1 combo good enough to keep you going for long-term business, as beginners can use the smaller version of this device.
  3. Two digital meters to keep you notified about the current temperature and pressure, so you don’t miss a thing.
  4. Better than a clamshell-style, as it gives you two extra handles on its upper platen to move it.


  1. For beginners, this might not be the perfect machine to deal with.
  2. Sometimes it doesn’t come with a user manual which makes customers search for it online.
  3. It requires more space than a clamshell-style because of the rotation.


Zeny Pro 12’’x15’’ without any doubt is the best heat press machine in the market because of decidedly fewer disadvantages. Even the limitations are manageable, so we don’t have to go for any second thought. This machine can provide heat up to 430 Fahrenheit which is almost 250 Centigrade. All the accessories are easy to fit and use, you don’t have to assemble any of its parts. You can use it right after taking it out of the box and placing it in a suitable place.

As it requires more space than a standard clamshell-style heat-press, it is not easy to adjust many heat press machines at a small place. It may get a little hard for you to understand in the beginning because sometimes it doesn’t come with a user manual. So, you would need to search for its mechanism and instructions online. After that, it gets comfortable in every way, and heat presses with exceptional quality, so if you are planning to work on a long-term project then don’t hesitate to because Zeny Pro heat press machine will not let you down. We provide accurate information so, our heat press reviews on heat press machines can be blindly trusted. We believe in providing the latest heat press and detailed information regarding the machine.

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