Carejoy Heat Press Machine 15×11 Inch

  • Improvement Over Clamshell Designs
  • Arrives Fully Assembled and Ready to Use
  • Full-Range Pressure-Adjustment Knob
  • Shipped from U.S. Local Warehouse, 3-7 Days Delivery

Carejoy Heat Press Machine 15×11 Inch

Desirability 93%
Quality 94%
Durability 91%


Carejoy Heat Press machine being a swing away and because it comes with eight heating elements is a machine recommended for people already in business. This machine comes with four mug press heating elements, two different sizes of plate press, hat/cap press, platen press, and a manual. Most of the machines do not come with a manual therefore it becomes a tiresome job because you have to look for it online and when you can’t find suitable instructions you have to try to manage it on your own. Carejoy Heat Press frees you of the worries and gives you more at a reasonable price.

A heat press size of 15×11’’ is good enough for all the t-shirts and because it has a swing style it is suggested to all the people in this field. This may not be a good choice for amateurs and people with a low budget because it has more to offer than transferring heat to a t-shirt. This heat press can transfer images on almost all types of fabrics including ceramic and glass objects. The best part about the company is that they offer a no-hassle guarantee which means you can return the machine within sixty days if not liked or had any issue upon its arrival. This reason alone is satisfying enough for us to buy this sublimation heat press. We also have Cricut easy press best for t-shirts.

Carejoy Heat Press Machine with printing Items


Swing away style requires a little extra space but is better than a clamshell-style, and it comes with eight heating elements. This heat press needs less power than most of the machines of its class, and it comes with a built-in audible alarm that sounds upon reaching the time limit.

It comes with a plate press size of 4.7 and 5.9 inches, mug press size of 2-2.75’’ and 3-3.5’’ cone 11oz and 12oz, the diameter of the hat press is 5.5×3.1’’. So, if you want your team or employees to wear shirts with your company’s logo printed on it, then this heat press is the right choice to make. This machine is highly recommended to those business owners who are running a business on a small scale. Some of you might be wondering how to start a business with a heat press machine?. This heat machine can easily be used for long term projects, so if you have a project pending then why waste more time?


Features of Carejoy Heat Press

  • Eight heating elements
    The package contains eight heating elements four of which are different mug press sizes and two plate press sizes. This is what makes this machine more valuable because it would be a nice upgrade to a business who is transferring heat only to t-shirts. As most of the devices come with a missing manual, this one doesn’t, and in case if it does, this machine comes assembled and is ready to be used right after you take it out of the box.
  • Less voltage
    Heat press of its categories requires more power and takes time to heat up whereas this heat press doesn’t. This is the most concerning part for an industrialist because more power requirement means more amount on bills. It requires a power of 1250 watts whereas other machines are above 1500.
  • Intelligent alarm
    Worried if you expose your item to the heat for a more extended period than required then don’t because this machine will sound an alarm in case you forget to take your shirt out of the heat press machine. We cannot say it’s inexpensive because it isn’t, not at least for a beginner or a newbie.
  • Reliable
    This machine ensures the quality of the heat transferred to the items and the print is definitely not leaving its place anytime soon. Plus, in case you don’t like the machine or its result you know you have the option to replace it or get your money back.

Pros and Cons


The Carejoy Heat Press Machine is all about advantages and doesn’t leave us with many limitations, first of all, it comes with eight heating elements which are a plus for business. Maybe it is slightly expensive but for people in the industry, it isn’t a tricky decision to make. It can be a little bit difficult for beginners, but if you have the budget and knowledge, then this is where you should start. The most important thing is it comes with a replacement or money refund warranty. This is what makes all the beginners and businesspeople secure of losing any money, and there is also no doubt about the quality of heat transfer.


Well, this may be this first machine with no limitations because if there were any, we still have the replacement or refund option. This heat press just occupies more space than others, and there is a chance that the size of the image you want to transfer to a shirt doesn’t fit. There are very fewer machines that offer eight heating elements and only a few that offer a warranty of this kind. The only thing that might bother you is its space requirement which is more than a clamshell, but that makes it safe as well.

Customers’ Verdict

According to the people, the reviews so far are satisfying some said that it came with a missing manual, but they managed it because the machine came assembled and looked for the required temperatures for heat transfers over the internet. The best part liked and made everyone feel secure was the type of warranty it has to offer which is why people bought this machine without being concerned about the quality to give it a try and guess what? They loved it.

We will be providing the latest heat press for you in the future as well with 100% accurate reviews.


Carejoy heat press 8 in 1 machine is one of the best in the market for professional and fun use. If you have the budget, then start your business with this excellent heat press machine. There is no need to worry about the quality or hardware because the company will replace it in case of a problem. If you just want to work on t-shirts, then this machine might not be the best choice but if you’re going to make progress in the field of business then what better option can there be? Our heat press reviews are based on real testing methods.

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