Coralgraph-Inc Heat Press 23x30cm

  • CE Certified Flat T shirt Heat Press
  • Press Garment Fabric
  • Swing Away Design
  • Digital Time and Temperature Control

Coralgraph-Inc Heat Press 23x30cm

Desirability 92%
Quality 96%
Durability 94%


Are you new for heat printing and t-shirt printing and are looking for a suitable heat press for business, or you want to replace the previous model of your heat press, or you simply want a better one to increase your business production, but you are not sure what to look for and where to look for? When you are on a lookout to buy a heat press, the challenge is not about finding one or buying one, as there are plenty out there providing them. What is most challenging is finding a good heat press that satisfies all your needs. The one you can fully trust and rely on, which has a heartwarming customer service that is always available to cater to all your demands and queries.

When it comes to that, the only name that pops up is Coralgraph. After being in the business for so many years, and thousands of heat presses being sold, it is safe to say that Coralgraph-Inc Heat Press truly justifies its very respectable repute throughout the UK and beyond. They have very deservingly earned this position by being committed to providing their customers with the best of both products and care. For customer satisfaction, they even offer a one-year warranty on all their products, including heat presses. Moreover, they all carry the CE mark. They stand proud of the quality of their heat presses. You may find a disparity among the prices of all the heat press machines available out there in the market, but it is as simple as this; you get what you pay for. The heat press made at Coralgraph undergoes a considerable amount of scrutiny and testing. All these details are also available on our website. The materials and components used in these heat presses are of high quality, and they easily withstand the cruel test of time. The design of the T-shirt heat press is a classic and portable one. It is perfect for market sellers, and it does not even require large spaces and easy to use just like Cricut Heat Press Machine. The temperature range is 0-300 C.

Coralgraph-Inc Heat Press Front View

Features of Coralgraph-Inc Heat Press

1. Classic, Portable Design

For an even, edge to edge heat and pressure, the design and standardization of the product are commendable. It is easy to use and does not occupy large spaces. It is convenient, just what you would expect from a T-Shirt Heat Press. You can now print anything on your choice of fabric.

2. CE Certified

Coralgraphs-Inc heat press machines are manufactured and designed according to the standards set by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization); they are CE certified and are also tested for LVL compliance.

3. Swing Away Design

There is a reliable shock assembled. The shock opening is very smooth. Hence it is also very safe to use.

4. Digital Time & Temperature Control

The LCD control panel is quite intelligent. The read-out of the time and temperature control is very accurate. The temperature range is from 0-300 degree Celsius.

5. Non-Stick Teflon Coating

There is a non-stick Teflon coating service that prevents sticking of any fabric on the heating platen. Additionally, there is a 5mm silicon pad attached to the bottom platen. This not permanently attached; it is easily removable as it may get worn out due to extended usage, and you may want to get a fresh one. In short, your t-shirt printing experience will be excellent and smooth.

6. Budget Friendly

We all can argue over the importance of quality over cost. But even then, quite obviously cost is a crucial factor when one has to decide what to buy and what not to. That is why we are here to ensure that your money is well invested. You do not have to worry about purchasing a mediocre quality model because of your financial restraints. They can be completely relied upon in providing high-quality products at very competitive prices.

Pros and Cons


The quality of the products is brilliant. The durability is exceptionally satisfying. You would definitely not feel that your money is wasted. Coralgraph is a known brand, so you have trust in them, and they deliver accordingly. Moreover, the delivery is very efficient and fast.


There are not many significant disadvantages of using this T-Shirt Heat Press. Although some users feel that the handle for pressing is quite heavy and a bit stiff. It may also get difficult to do bigger items in it as there is not much space. The product does not come with a manual of instructions, which comes as a surprise at first, but in all honesty, it is effortless to use, so you do not really need any instructions.

Customers’ Verdict

Customers are mainly delighted and satisfied with the affordable and reasonable prices even though the company is UK based. They believe it is value for money. They find the product up to the mark, and the pricing perfect as per the worth of the product. Customers assure you that the heat press will suit all business needs easily. They are contented with how Carolgraph-Inc Heat Press understands the exact needs of the customers and provides precisely that. Their customer service, which is friendly yet professional, is quite applaudable. In fact, they provide excellent customer service. The speedy delivery and perfect pricing is the cherry on top. Some customers believe it has upped their game. One customer even said it is exactly as it is advertised.


Coralgraph-Inc Heat Press Machines are high-quality machines at affordable and competitive prices. But that is not just what they do and excel at. Their job is not yet done according to them. They aim to keep their customers contented and satisfied; hence, they have a remarkable team of experts and well-trained staff for customer care and technical stuff. Whatever your query or issue is, the customer support providers are just a call away, and they are always ready at your disposal. They believe it is their utmost priority to cater to all your needs and just leave you with a smile on your face. They really make you feel your money was worth investing in their product and splendid services.

Keep checking our quality reviews on all heat press machines.

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