F2C Pro Heat Press Machine 5 in 1 Swing-Away

  • Full 360-Degree Rotation
  • Provides a Big Surface
  • 5 in 1 Multifunction Heat Press

F2C Pro Heat Press Machine 5 in 1 Swing-Away

Desirability 97%
Quality 99%
Durability 98%


F2C introduces an amazing product “F2CPro Heat Press Machine” for both experts and amateurs. Quality is a major specialty of this graphic printer. With its versatility and solid work, it allows you to create merchandises for your clients.

With the use of F2C Pro 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine, you can excel your skills and get a competitive advantage in printing industry. Get the advantage of this versatile machine to heat transfer design to t-shirts. Feel free to transfer designs on different materials.

The F2C Pro Heat Press comes with versatile and handy features. However, some features are similar to the standard machine, but the overall experience will be better than other machines.

With an industrial-grade design, you can handle huge orders. Apart from durable design, this heat press is lightweight than your imaginations. You can transport it conveniently from one place to another. This heat press is widely used to apply heat transfer to different materials, such as t-shirts and some other items. With this heat press, you can prepare tote bags, sports jerseys, polyester, and cotton garments (tees, polos, and shirts), sweatpants, mouse-pads, jigsaw puzzles, kids or baby clothes, dog tags, wooden items, license plates, and different metals.


F2C Pro Heat Press Machine's Parts

You can press different types of designs on shirts and other materials. Feel free to purchase pre-made transfers. With the use of vinyl sheets, you can make your vinyl transfers and a cutting machine. An ink transfer needs a transfer paper and printed. With this heat press, you can do these types of transfers:

  • HTV (Heat transfer Vinyl)
  • Rhinestones
  • Inkjet transfers
  • Different transfer papers
  • Sublimation transfers

Sublimation transfers need almost 400℉ heat, so this transfer can be tricky and needs your maximum attention. For successful sublimation transfer on ceramic tiles or jigsaw puzzles, these items should have a polymer coating.

F2C Pro heat press is an upgraded model with a particular swing-away design. The heat platens come with the interchangeable system. Therefore, it is possible to transfer decorations on different items, such as glass, plates ceramics, and mugs. You should visit our latest heat press as well for more information.

Features of F2C Pro Heat Press

  • Full professional swing-away and 360-degree rotation design.
  • A large heat press features a 12” x 15” surface to create custom T-shirts.
  • The heat press comes with a non-stick surface and a W/detached upgraded alloy cradle of aluminum. This credit is suitable for pads, hats, and mugs.
  • The multifunction 5 in 1 heat press unit comes with special attachments for the plate, mug, and hat. These attachments help you to create custom designs on t-shirts and other materials.

1. Durable and Industrial-grade Machine

The 5-in-1 heat press machine is a durable and industrial-grade machine for long-term use. It can be an excellent investment for its features and qualities. With the use of this heat press, you can successfully get a competitive advantage.

2. Versatile Unit for Multiple Projects

The unit helps you to transfer colorful characters and pictures of dissolved and sublimation printing ink on textiles, such as nylon, chemical fiber, flax, and cotton. Moreover, you can transfer designs on ceramic and glasses. The heat press unit is suitable to make your caps, T-shirts, ceramic tiles, ceramic plates, mugs, mousepads, coasters, lettering, jigsaw puzzles, etc.

3. Comes with Five Important Elements

The unit comes with five elements, such as cap/hat press: 6-inch x 3-inch (curved), T-shirt (Teflon-coated plate): 12-inch x 15-inch, mug press (11oz): 3-inch to 3.5-inch diameter, plate presses: 5-inch and 6-inch diameter. Hats, cups, and t-shirts are not included. It is an upgraded model of their old version.

4. 360-degree Swing-awing Rotation Function

The machine comes with a 360-degree swing-swing rotation function. With this function, you can conveniently adjust the angle of this heat press. The upgraded, thick aluminum plate is designed with the latest technology to feature durability and safety. If your heating plate is not flat, you have to ensure that the machine sits on a horizontal workstation. Make sure to add sufficient pressure by adjusting its pressure knob to decrease the chances of a shaky plate.

5. LED Digital Controller

F2C Pro heat press features an electronic pointer (time controller) and digital time display.  With a digital time display, you can conveniently adjust the time and temperature. Moreover, the unit features a Celsius and Fahrenheit scale. An intelligent audible alarm ensures that the design transfer is done successfully. Once you start working, draw down its handle, and wait for alerts.

6. Durable Construction for Long-term Use

The integral structural support can maintain the flatness of this unit. The F2C Pro Swing-Away 5 in 1 comes with a pressure-adjustment knob. With smart controls, you can prevent scorching of design transfers. The durable construction of this unit allows equal distribution of pressure across the whole platen in a closed status.

7. Large Working Area

F2C Pro Heat Press Machine 5 in 1 comes with a 12-inch x 15-inch heating plate to provide a large surface to work. You can conveniently create your 4/5-inch thick t-shirt heating board. In a large area, it is possible to create custom t-shirts of different sizes. The removable cotton pad and silicone pad is included to make the transfer surface non-stick. There is no need to worry about scorching during the transfer process.

8. Intelligent Audible Alerts

Once the transfer process is complete, you will get audible alerts. With these alerts, you can use the right transfer period and heat. This smart technology makes it easy for users to avoid overexposure of their t-shirts and other material to heat.

Pros and Cons


The machine has a wealth of features, including the 5 in 1 option. With this single unit, you can do lots of things. For your business, this unit can be a significant investment to avoid other purchases. Beyond the accessories in the content of this package, you can get started immediately after receiving this machine.

Fortunately, the unit comes fully assembled, so start printing your hats and t-shirts. Moreover, the machine seems heavy and large, but it is easy to move from one place to another. The unit is compact and lightweight for portability.


The F2C Pro 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine doesn’t have significant drawbacks, but you may lack a few accessories. The unit comes with only one attachment for the mug. The attachment for the inside print is not included in the package.

Customers’ Verdict

Customers are satisfied with the performance and features of this unit. The hobbyist and small business owners find it useful for their personal and business projects. Clamshells are a smart style for a garage or home. The unit doesn’t need tons of space to swivel around and open.
If you only want to imprint t-shirts then we will suggest you Cricut Easy Press.


The press output 1000-watts at only 220V, which seems reasonable. The F2C Pro 5 in 1 can be an ideal product for small businesses. If you are looking to start your merchandising business, this machine can be a great asset for you. The machine allows you to deliver quality products and earn good money.

Our reviews will hundred percent satisfy you.

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