Fancierstudio Heat Press 15×15-inch Machine

  • Both Commercial & Domestic Use
  • Supreme Durability
  • Easy to Operate
  • Uses High Temperatures & Heavy Pressure

Fancierstudio Heat Press 15×15-inch Machine

Desirability 95%
Quality 96%
Durability 98%


If you are looking for durability and an everlasting heat press machine, then you have landed on the right page. FancierStudio Heat Press 15’’ x 15’’ is the most durable device out there with quite an affordable price you wouldn’t want to move to your second thought. So, if you are planning on establishing a business, then let this  Power heat press be your choice.

What makes this clamshell model unique and attractive for industrial use is its quality. Anyone can use this machine starting from a small business to large projects and is recommended for industrial use. If you are planning on running a long-term project then with a durability rating of components up to 4.5 out of 5 makes this upgraded model an ideal option for all. We have a number of quality heat press machines for you.

There can be many factors we need to consider first before buying a sublimation heat press machine, one of which is that it will produce the quality we are looking for? It depends on where you want to use it if in an industry you need to have qualified employees who have knowledge about the fabric and the required amount of temperature.

FancierStudio Heat Press Front View

FancierStudio heat press can be used at home as well. As it has a digital time set-up, you don’t have to think about using a clock or counting seconds manually. For a home purpose, this machine is not one of the best out there because it requires a power of almost 1800 Watts: 110 Volts. It has a silicone-gel baseboard which is one of the reasons why this digital machine is suggested for industrial use.

Features of FancierStudio Heat Press

  • Ready to use
    This Teflon coated heat press machine is prepared to be used immediately after setting it up. It doesn’t come in parts, so you don’t have to think about putting all of them together in order to use it.
  • Enough Workspace
    Workspace 15’’ x 15’’ is enough for every t-shirt out there. This machine will best suit in your working garage or an office where most of your heat press machines already are. This machine can be a good upgrade if you are using a low-quality heat press machine.
  • Clamshell style
    A style in which you open its above platen upwards, the most common and easy to use style is what makes it more captivating. The clamshell style enables you to put your article in a better position allowing you to be sure that the material is receiving heat in all directions.
  • Controlled temperature
    Bothered about the safety of the shirt you are applying heat to? Then don’t this machine will make sure the product gets the desired amount of heat, not more than that, which makes it almost a step closer to perfection.
  • Temperature and time range
    Most of the items out there require heat more than 400 Fahrenheit, and this machine can supply heat up to 700 Fahrenheit with a time range of almost 999 seconds. So, if you think that your article requires more time and temperature, then FancierStudio will fulfill your requirement.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to operate; it won’t take long for your employees to understand its features fully.
  • Doesn’t require a set-up because it comes ready; all you have to do is put it at a suitable place.
  • Highly durable, this heat press machine is going to be your partner for a long time.


  • You cannot put it on a wooden floor because of the high temperature and clamshell style when opened will release heat upwards.
  • Printing designs for double extra-large t-shirts can be a problem because the models are rather large, but this machine is best for large and other sizes of shirts.
  • You will need to look for instructions over the internet because it doesn’t come with a user manual.

Customers’ Verdict

Customers loved it because the product comes with a Teflon coated sheet and silicone-gel base making it usable right after finding a suitable place to fit it in. Customers have used for the home purpose as the only problem was to see a right corner to put it, they have used it of Heat transfer Vinyl, and this machine served its purpose smoothly. So if printing on your shirts, hats, mouse mats and garments is your primary purpose then let this heat press machine be your companion.


It is a brand new model by FancierStudio made for printing on almost every type of fabric, and the best part is you don’t have to apply external pressure (physically). According to the customers and our point of view, this is the best machine to invest on for business purpose and long-term projects. The question is about its reliability that will it transfer on whatever we give it and will that image last? This is the question in everyone’s mind, who so ever is spending money does require results in return; it is one of the machines that can be used for small to long term projects. It can be a good start for business but cannot last very long. You will need to upgrade if you want better quality. We also have one more important machine for industrial use named as Power Press Industrial Quality Heat Press.

So, if you have bigger plans then there are better heat press machines waiting for you. You can consider this option for beginners. Note one thing, in this heat press machine you will be dealing with high temperatures which are above the average temperatures of a heat press machine. It does give you good quality, and you can use items which require more heat than a normal one.

Durability of Fancierstudio Heat Press is what makes people want it the most, without any critical disadvantages it is a heat press machine that will work for a very long time. All you will need to do is go through some instructions which are available on the internet and teach your employees or ask them to go through the instructions once. Read our more reviews that help you to find best machine for you.

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