Heat Press 12×15 Machine by MosaicAL

Heat Press 12×15 Machine by MosaicAL

Desirability 95%
Quality 95%
Durability 90%


Are you thinking of starting up a business with heat press but can’t afford high investments? As there are many heat press machines. But for small investent, MosaicAL Heat Press Machine with a digital framework might be all you need. With a 12×15 heating board and the temperature between 32-480 Fahrenheit, this machine is all you need to get your printing done on your tees, mugs, and other objects. Its heat plate is perfect for transferring various sizes of images on different objects. It comes with five accessories to make the process all the more accessible and effective.

Whether you are planning to set up a long-term business or you just want to print your t-shirt or your coffee cup out of a sudden whim, this heat press machine will be suitable for both the cases. You can now print on your shirts, hoodies, cups, mugs, banners, books, pillow covers, blankets, and so much more using this heat press. With a digital screen that displays the time and temperature, you can keep these elements under control. You can also adjust the pressure according to the thickness of the object being printed.

MosaicAl heat press machine

Moreover, you don’t need to be worried about burning your tees because this machine shuts off on its own, in case of overheating. You don’t need to be a professional to operate it. Just follow the simple guidelines along with illustrations given in the manual, and you are good to work it.

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1. Versatility

Heat press machine allows you to print a variety of objects and materials according to your taste. You can now print t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, pillowcases, cushion covers, blankets, bags, mugs, and many more items the way you want.

2. User-friendly

Many heat press machines out there in the market do not provide you with a comprehensive manual, so it becomes very hard for a layperson to operate the machine. Above all, assembling the parts can be a nuisance. Heat press 12×15 comes along with a manual with clear and detailed guidelines on how to operate the machine. It is surely easy to use like Cricut Easy Press. Moreover, it is already assembled so you are saved from the hassle. The visual illustrations make the procedure all the more user-friendly and convenient. So, you don’t have to skim through videos on how to operate this machine. The only thing that you should know about is the temperature required by different materials for print transfer.

3. Auto Alert and Shut-off

You can perform other important tasks while your objects are being printed. Just let the machine do its wonders, and it will inform you with an auto alert in the form of a beep once the task is completed. Also, you don’t have to be apprehensive about getting your shirts or blankets burnt because the machine shuts off automatically on overheating.

4. Bigger Plate

With a Teflon coated 12 x 15 platen press, this heat press machine is able to adjust materials and objects of various sizes. This makes it all the more suitable for small and personal as well as large-scale business-related uses.

5. Digital Display

This heat press machine includes a digital screen that displays temperature and time for your convenience. You cannot just keep track of these elements but also adjust and control them according to the material that is supposed to be printed.

6. 360-Degree Rotation

This machine comes in with a swinging arm that you can rotate, move around, and work with to suit your convenience. This also lets you place and remove the material safely from the machine without damaging it.

7. Even Pressure

Unlike clamshell design heat press machines, Heat Press 12×15 is designed in a way that pressure is applied evenly on the material that ensures a high-quality print.

Pros and Cons

The machine is easy to operate and user-friendly. It has an ideal sized heat plate that makes it appropriate for personal as well as business use. The 360-degree rotation arm makes the placement and removal of the material from the machine more comfortable, reducing the risk of accidents. The direct and even pressure of the machine ensures high-quality print transfer. The digital screen enables you to adjust the time and pressure according to your need. Above all, it can print a wide variety of materials for you that make it a versatile machine.

One needs to be a bit careful while working with the swinging arm because if moved too farther away, the machine can topple. Apart from these minor problems, the machine works wonderfully.

Customers’ Verdict

The customers seem to be really happy with the product. According to them, it is really easy to use and comes in with straightforward instructions. It does not occupy much space and comes with a warranty of two years. The machine is also reported to heat up and work fast, which is also a significant plus point. It is thought to be an excellent product for a commercial start-up. Although, a few customers also had an issue with its heat that caused minor accidents. But most of the users seemed very happy and satisfied with the product, which is the reason for its 4-star rating out of 5.


With an affordable price and various features to offer to its customers, MosaicAL heat press All in One Heat Press Machine has gained much popularity in the market. It’s a perfect choice to satisfy your artistic taste and to start up a small home-based business. It has an ideal sized heating plate to print on a variety of materials and objects. The digital screen display and the 360-degree rotating arm make the task all the more convenient. With a two years warranty and a clear manual, this machine is fit to be used by almost everyone. Because of its quality work, it has earned much praise from its customers. Check out our other heat press reviews for more information.

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