Mug Press Machine and T-Shirt Printing Machine 15×15-Inch by ZEYI

  • Preset The Desired Temperature & Timer
  • Intelligent Audible Alarm
  • Reduce the Chances of Accidental Contact
  • Adjustable Pressure

Mug Press Machine and T-Shirt Printing Machine 15×15-Inch by ZEYI

Desirability 89%
Quality 94%
Durability 95%


5 in 1 Heat Press 15×15-Inch Machine is a product by ZEYI. This mug press machine has multi-functional features for printing designs on t-shirts, mugs, and other artifacts. This machine is one of the safest you would find because the heating plate can be moved aside easily, and the chances of accidental contact with it are very minimal. This heat press is best for printing the flat-surfaced objects as it comes with a big surface. You can use this machine for transferring any design to a t-shirt, jigsaw puzzle, ceramic plate, mug, mousepad, etc. by adjusting the thickness within the machine according to the thickness of the product.

This mug press machine, having a size of 15×15-Inch is a good option for both personal and commercial customization of products. People love this product due to its durability as it allows them to complete long projects without facing difficulties or errors in its functionality and output. Not only this heat press machine, but we also provide the quality heat press machines with quality accurate reviews.


The heat press plate in this machine can be rotated at 360° that makes the operation easy and safe for the person who is using it. It is equipped with an LCD controller that allows the users to adjust the time and temperature before printing the image on any product. Plus, the machine lets you adjust the knob for pressure, as the thickness of objects varies so you can select the desired pressure for perfect imprinting. There is no need to stand still on this machine and leave other work because the smart audible alarm indicates you automatically when the printing is completed.

Mug Press Machine's Parts


While customizing fabrics, operation management has to make sure the quality is 100%. With this heat-press, there are no chances of ink staining on the material, and the results are always intact. Although the machine is very safe and easy like Cricut Easy Press Machine, it comes with an operating manual that allows the users to understand the functionality more specifically that leaves no chances of failures. One thing that you should check by yourself with the help of the internet or any expert is the pressure and temperature required for printing the product that you desire.

Features of Mug Press Machine by ZEYI

  1. Large Plate: The 15”x15” sized plate of this heat press permits you to print large-size products without worrying for improper design adjustment. There is no need to buy different machines for different size t-shirts as this mug press machine can print an image on a baby’s t-shirt as well as an adult’s. It’s best to operate one machine rather than multiple as the investment and time would be saved.
  2. Preset Time and Temperature: According to the nature of the product, you can set the temperature that can give the best outcomes. The range of temperature which can be set on this 5 in 1 swing-away heat press machine is phenomenal. You can set the temperature between and inclusive 32° to 392° Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to 0° to 200° Celsius. Plus, you can decide the time range between 0 to 999 seconds. After setting the time and temperature, it’s essential to wait until the heating element heats up till the set degree.
  3. Built-in Teflon Sheet: There is no need to buy a separate Teflon sheet, which assists in resisting the heat on a product transferred through the heat press. The heating element of this heat press machine is already coated with Teflon that saves your time and provides excellent results.
  4. Harmless Operation: The body of this swing away multifunctional heat press machine is built entirely of metal and plastic. The machine has a built-in fuse which further guarantees the safety of the operator alongside the swing design that rotates the heat plate to 360°.

Pros and Cons


  1. It has a 10.5” heating board and 15”x15” large plate for printing designs on large products.
  2. The temperature is adjustable according to your understanding. You can choose Fahrenheit or Celsius as it is easy for you.
  3. The feet of this machine are adjustable to stand still even on the sloppy floor.
  4. The machine is certified with CE that gives assurance of the operator’s safety.


  1. This machine is heavy (approx. 22kg) that can make transferring difficult if you want to keep switching places.
  2. Some heat press automatically shuts when they are overheating, but this machine doesn’t come up with capability.
  3. It requires a 1000w power supply for proper functionality.

Customers’ Verdict

This mug press machine has delighted almost all of its customers due to its user-friendly nature and outstanding results. Some of the customers stated that there were no such complexities in using this machine as it comes with an operation manual that explains everything. The adjustment of time and temperature allows everyone to get the design imprinted that would last long. The durability and quality of this machine have been admired by almost everyone who has purchased it.


The Mug Press Machine is the best 15×15-inch machine you can get for printing large images on different products like mugs and t-shirts. It’s extremely easy to use this machine, and its safety measures and assurance makes it a reliable gadget for entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting a business of selling customized products.

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