Power Heat Press 12X15 Inches

  • The latest Teflon Coating Heating Plate
  • Intelligent Design to Ensure Your Safety
  • It Can Rotate 360 Degrees

Power Heat Press 12X15 Inches

Desirability 96%
Quality 97%
Durability 98%

Detailed Product Description – Power Heat Press

Power heat press machine 12″ x 15″ by Seeutek is a professional swing-away heat press machine that can help you print colorful designs on a wide range of products. This is 5 in 1 heat press, this machine doesn’t restrict you to print designs only on a single type of product, as it allows you to print t-shirts, caps, mousepads, mugs, and ceramic plates. Acquiring advanced technical knowledge or training isn’t a requirement for using this easy-to-use heat press machine. This machine has been designed smartly to make the heat pressing process easier for everyone out there willing to imprint designs on flat-surfaced objects. The users can easily transform designs on the large products with this machine’s help, as it has a big surface (12″ x 15″).

This power heat press is a perfect choice for professional as well as personal usage. If you’re running out of time and finding difficulty in completing orders in time, you can shift towards this smart gadget as it is super-quick and efficient. It’s a long-lasting heat press machine that will result in generating profitable outcomes for your business. We have a lot of heat press machines that can help you in the growth of your business. The machine’s handle has a non-slippery handle that makes it easy for the operator to control it without any hassle.

The swing-away design of this heat press machine makes the printing process quite comfortable for the users. This design makes it easier for the users to handle the sublimation machine’s heating element and prevents the operators from making contact with it. It reduces the chances of getting hurt or burnt while imprinting designs.

Your products don’t face any damages while being printed on this heat press machine due to its Teflon coated heating plate. The plate provides a non-stick surface for the objects and prevents the products from getting damaged. You can easily clean the plate and shift between the cup, hat, and plate pressing pads without hurting yourself.

This amazing heat press machine lets you print perfect designs on all products, be it a mug, plate, cap, or t-shirt. The overheating can ruin the design and the product itself as well, and to prevent this, the heat transfer machine has a built-in auto timer and alarming clock. As soon as the printing process is completed, its alarm will notify you without any delay. This makes it one of the perfect machines in the market today.

Features of Power Heat Press Machine 12X15 Inches

1.Sliding Rails

This 5 in 1 digital sublimation machine comes with sliding rails that make component replacement a piece of cake for users. The machine allows people to print designs on a wide range of flat-surfaced objects; hence, it comes with a hat press, mug press, large plate press, and small plate press pads, which are easy to remove and fix. Some heat press machines might have a single heating plate for all types of products, but this machine provides you with individual plates for different sizes of objects.

2.Digital Controller

One of the essential features you must look for before buying a heat press machine is the digital controller. Thankfully, this Power heat press has a LED that lets you control time and temperature before printing design on any product. The time and temperature play a significant role while imprinting designs with an automated heat press machine. A little inaccuracy in adjusting time and temperature can cause failure, but inaccuracies aren’t possible with the LED controller of this machine. You can set the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, ranging from 0-250℃ (0-482℉).

3.Durable Design

As mentioned earlier, purchasing this heat press would be a long-term investment due to its durable design. Many heat press machines have an ordinary design that doesn’t long last enough. Instead of purchasing a heat press every six months or year, getting this sublimation machine is a much better option. It has a heat-resistant silicone foam mat on the base that has the capacity to withstand up to 752℉ temperature. Many heat press machines might stop working due to overheating, but this element makes it a long-lasting product.

4.Swing-away Design

The swing-away design of the heat press machine allows you to move the heating plate in any direction. You can rotate the machine’s plate in 360 degrees to prevent contact with the heating element. It allows you to easily place the product on the plate and get the perfect printing results. The swing-away design lets you apply pressure evenly on the object.

power press 5 in 1 heat press

Pros and Cons


  1. It allows you to print designs on Cotton, fiber, metal, ceramic, glass, and many other materials.
  2. The swing-away design allows you to operate the machine safely without getting in contact with the heating plate.
  3. It’s a 5 in 1 heat press that lets you imprint designs on a variety of products, including hat, cup, cap, t-shirt, mousepads, etc.
  4. It has an LCD controller that lets you adjust time and temperature accurately.
  5. The machine comes with a user manual that makes it easier for the buyer to install it.


  1. It requires the power of 1250 Watts to work smoothly.
  2. The machine doesn’t have the feature of an automatic shutdown when the transfer is completed. The operator will have to manually turn off the process.

Customers’ Verdict

Power heat press machine 12″ x 15″ by Seeutek has been rated as the best heat press machine by most of its buyers due to its durability. Its swing-away design has astonished the customers, as it helps them in printing perfect designs without any glitches. Many customers are notified that the heating plates are easy to replace for printing designs on different types of products. Many customers have termed it as their favorite machine due to its top-notch results.


If you’re looking forward to establishing a business for selling customized products, then purchasing this power heat press machine will be a perfect option. The operations of heat pressing are processed smoothly on this machine. The pressure is evenly applied with this heat sublimation machine that provides you with top-quality image transformation on products. Heatpressreview.net always prefers to provide you the latest heat press machines for your business need.

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    Reviews of Buyers

  • StarStarStarStarStar04/08/2020
    Varified John Smith

    Awesome Machine!

  • StarStarStarStarStar19/08/2020
    Varified Jenny

    Great machine...I've only used it once so far but the instructions were very easy to understand..I would recommend this product

  • StarStarStarStar02/09/2020
    Varified Shane

    Screen and vinyl printing on materials

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