SUNCOO 15” x 15” Digital Heat Press Machine 6 in 1

SUNCOO 15” x 15” Digital Heat Press Machine 6 in 1

March 6, 2019
Desirability 86%
Quality 90%
Durability 89%


This six in one multifunction heat press machine has a lot to offer at a less price. This machine can transfer onto almost any material that includes bags, plates, t-shirts, mugs, caps. SUNCOO 15’’ x 15’’ is a size good enough for a large image as well, it can be used at home or for business. It doesn’t require much power as most of the heat press machines which makes it better than many.

SUNCOO 15’’x15’’ digital heat press as the name suggests it has a digital screen that informs about the temperature and pressure to keep you assisted during work. It has a Swing-away style and rotates up to 360 degrees allowing you to have total control over its upper heating platen. The upper platen also has two extra handles which can be used in case you have placed it on a height to keep you away from the heating element.

It can heat up to 482 Fahrenheit and time control up to 999 seconds which is more than required for the required item and can be adjusted with its Digital Time display. You can place it almost anywhere at home without worrying about the floor because of its four adjustable bases at the bottom; it will allow the machine to balance where ever you place it.

It comes with six different elements which are main plate heating element, mug press, cap press, pad with different size and two plate press sizes. This swaying away style gives you an option to work efficiently and is the best machine for long term projects. For home purposes, it is a bit expensive especially if you just want to transfer images onto a few shirts. We have various other options waiting for you; if you don’t want to spend some extra bucks on buying a six in one machine you can go with the inexpensive T-shirt heat press. Or if you want to buy this six in one heat press machine then what are you waiting for? Let’s get to know about its features.


360 Degree Rotation

Rotation allows you to remain on the safe side of the machine, by moving its heating element away you have enough space to adjust your item on the lower platen. Swing away machine does occupy a little more space than other clamshell or draw styles.

Adjustment knob

An adjustment knob on its back allows you to adjust its height and axels rotation, which is quite helpful when you have placed the machine on the floor or a shelve.

Touch adjustment

A touch screen to adjust the temperature, pressure with continuous information about their change. So, there is no way you will set the temperature higher or lower than required.

High-temperature sponge

Worried that your fabric can get damage while using the heat plate then don’t. There are two sponges available one that resists 350 degrees and above and the second resists 200 degrees below.


This machine is portable, and you can fit in a suitcase by removing the lift handle, which can be attached later when you are ready to use the machine.

Pros and Cons


This machine has proved to be the best amongst heat machines of its kind. This machine gives more temperature with less requirement of power. Because devices in this price range require a lot of energy to work on fabrics. SUNCOO 15’’x15’’ is a combo heat press, in which you get heating elements for caps, plates, mug, phone covers and much more. Contains the latest technology upgraded aluminum plate to ensure safety and durability. Its swing-away type makes it more reliable because you can rotate the heating platen away and lock it with an adjustment knob on its back to avoid coming in contact with the heat. Its base allows you to balance the machine on the floor where ever you are placing it.



With not too many limitations, this machine just requires a little extra space than others, and it doesn’t have a heat transfer cycle counter as many of the devices today. Also, their customer support didn’t really get a good review because it is slow due to the workload and it takes time for them to respond.

We can say that this machine is best for home and business use because of its safety and reliability but of these come with a higher cost. It is no doubt a little expensive for people who want to work from home and doesn’t want to run a business but just want to transfer images to t-shirts.

This machine is for professional use so don’t buy it only for the purpose of transferring heat to shirts because it has more to give than that. You can have a look at other items present in the reviews for T-shirts only.

Customer Reviews

Customers are satisfied because it requires less power than other machines to work. This machine made it possible for everyone to work on whatever they want because of the high temperature it provides. SUNCOO 15’’ x 15’’ is a right size for almost any type of print on a t-shirt and because it has more to offer than just transferring images on a shirt, people are quite satisfied with its work.



SUNCOO 15”x15’’ is a good heat press machine for business use, either it is in a home or at an office. This heat press machine according to customers is satisfying and does what it says. This alone eliminates a lot of negative thoughts in one’s mind; also, this machine can be adjusted anywhere on a flat surface which is why it is preferable on other machines in the same cost category.

Its configuration although is a matter of concern because people have reported that the heat press sometimes was delivered with a missing manual, but people who have access to the internet can easily find its configuration settings from a website.

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