Tengchang Heat Press Machine 15×12-Inches

  • Dual Digital LCD Display
  • Time & Temperature Control
  • Arrives Fully Assembled & Ready to Use
  • Digital LCD Timer
  • Teflon-Coated Element

Tengchang Heat Press Machine 15×12-Inches

Desirability 97%
Quality 96%
Durability 95%


What do we want? An affordable heat press machine with refine quality. Tengchang Heat Press platen press has all you need. This machine comes with two different sizes from plate press, one mug press, one hat press, a manual and complete assembled platen press so you can use it right after taking it out of the box. All you need to do is read the manual for heat instructions, and its removable lower platen allows you to adjust all other heating elements without any trouble. You can also check one of our best machine Cricut Easy Press for both home and business use.

Tengchang 5 in 1 heat press has a swing-away design which puts you entirely on the safe side by not letting you accidentally touch the heated upper platen. It has a digital screen that keeps you updated about the current temperature and pressure of the heat press plus it will stop heating when the time limit is met. It continuously beeps while pressing and when the machine has done working it will give you a notification by beeping faster. This beeping can be stopped by pressing a small button located on the right side of the machine. This sound is to inform you when the device has stopped working if you are busy doing something else as in multitasking.

Tengchang Heat Press Mug Printing Part

Heat press comes with five heating elements of different sizes which include plates of 5’’ and 6’’ a mug press which can fit in almost every mug, a cap press, a platen press you already know the size of, and a manual to get you started without any trouble. This machine is exclusively used for large scale production, and it requires the efficiency of people because it shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes for a person to transfer heat to 75 shirts. Tengchang Heat Press Machine is durable and can be used at home or office because its affordability allows people with a low budget to start a small business.

Features of Tengchang Heat Press

1. Versatility

With five different heating elements, this machine is one for all. Tengchang heat press can transfer heat to a variety of items like metal, ceramic goods, glass, and any type of fabric. If you want to buy a machine for personal use, then this machine can be your way to add images to T-shirts, mousepads, gaming gear bags, etc.

2. Digital Screen

With a digital display and sound that can notify you when the task is completed, what else do you need in a heat press machine? Adjustable time and pressure with beeping sound to let you know the device is busy transferring heat to your item and beeps faster when it is done heating. For large-scale production, this heat press might come in handy if you work efficiently.

3. No Complications

It is hard to understand some similar heat press machines out there because most of them come without a user manual and it is hard to learn about the heating settings of the device. This heat press comes with a user manual so that you don’t have to go on various websites to look for its fixtures.

4. Non-Stick elements

What makes this machine a must-have is its Teflon coated aspects except for the cap which doesn’t require it because it is made with high-grade aluminum. Its non-stick surface ensures the safety of heat transfers, so you don’t have to experience any scorching of the fabric.

5. Easy adjustments

Easy to adjust its lower platen and its upper platen. With dual supports at the bottom and more than enough space, you can quickly change t-shirts. It has a pressure adjustment knob mounted on top with which you can settle the pressure according to the material you are transferring heat.

Pros and Cons


Tengchang heat press machine has a right platen press size which allows almost every size of the logo to be transferred to t-shirts. Its swing-away style which is better than clamshell ensures safety, and its upper platen can quickly be moved/rotated to avoid any chance of accidentally touching it. Its Teflon coating doesn’t require you to add a Teflon sheet for heat transfers. The package includes more than just a t-shirt press so even if you are using it at home you can have fun printing on anything you like.


This heat press machine requires a little more space than a clamshell-style, but that’s what makes it safe too. Installing or removing of plate requires a little bit of extra knowledge which is not included in the manual but you can find it here in the images. The machine comes assembled so removing and adjusting other heating elements can take some of your time. Other than these limitations we can say it has more benefits than drawbacks.

Customers’ Verdict

The customers love this heat press machine because of its quality and as it doesn’t require extra Teflon sheets because of its Teflon coated elements. The only thing customers are a little bit concerned about was how to install and remove the other heating elements because the manual didn’t say anything about them. These instructions can be found in the images present over the items page, so you don’t have to surf various websites for this purpose.


Tengchang 5 in 1 with a platen press size of 15 x 12’’ is one of the best machines at a reasonable price. This machine comes with more pros than cons, and we can say it is suitable for home use as well. This machine can be an excellent start to your small-scale business or can be extra to your already running one. Heat press machine in this price range mostly doesn’t come with other heating elements and sure are not Teflon coated. This alone is a good enough reason to buy the Tengchang Heat Press machine. If you don’t want to buy a heat press with other heating elements and want it for t-shirt purposes, then you can have a look at honest reviews about all the heat press machines. Surely you will find the heat press you are looking for at a price you cannot say no to.

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